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eq bank review 2020

EQ Bank Review 2020 – Canada’s Best Online Savings Account?

By Kornel / June 4, 2020 /

After becoming a client when they first launched over three years ago, I thought it was about time to pen the authoritative EQ Bank Review for Canadians to compare to their traditional branch banking services. I was even part of their early-access group before their popular EQ high interest Savings Plus Account was available to the…

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Building a Simple Low-Cost Indexed ETF Portfolio in USD

By FT / June 10, 2019 /

With recent articles about all-in-one ETFs and withholding taxes on ETFs in registered accounts, I’ve been getting questions about if there are USD based all-in-one ETFs, and if not, what are the most efficient USD ETFs to own? There are a number of readers who make their money in USD, and there are some advantages…

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withholding taxes on ETFs

The Real MER on ETFs – Foreign Withholding Taxes on ETFs

By FT / May 27, 2019 /

I’ve written a lot about index investing as one of the best strategies for beginner and experienced investors alike.  It’s a strategy that I follow with a large portion of my portfolio to get ex-Canada (outside Canada) diversification (I use dividend investing for my Canadian exposure).  Not only do I use this strategy in my…

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Vanguard VEQT All-in-One 100% Equity Portfolio ETF

By FT / March 18, 2019 /

In recent weeks, I’ve been writing about how it’s getting easier and cheaper to build a solid globally diversified portfolio using all-in-one ETFs. For example, if you have long time frame until retirement, rather than buying multiple ETFs/mutual funds for equities and bonds, or a balanced fund that charges 2%, you can now buy a…

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vanguard vs ishares all in one ETF

Vanguard vs. iShares All-in-One ETFs

By FT / January 28, 2019 /

Many of you know how much I appreciate and recommend the Vanguard all-in-one ETFs.  What I like most about them is that in a single ETF, it provides investors with a complete globally indexed portfolio that will automatically rebalance to maintain the set ratio of equity/bonds.  All for a very low management expense ratio (MER)…

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rbc investease review

Index Investing Made Easy with a Robo Advisor – RBC InvestEase

By FT / December 17, 2018 /

This post is sponsored by RBC InvestEase Inc. All views and opinions expressed represent my own and are based on my own research of the subject matter. It seems that automated robo-advisors are all the hype of the investment world these days. What is a robo-advisor? It’s an online service that automates investing for you…

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Horizon’s All-in-One Portfolios via Super Tax Efficient ETFs

By FT / September 4, 2018 /

The train keeps rolling with the index investing posts.  If you’ve been following lately, I’ve been focused on showing readers how to easily invest using the index investing strategy.  Articles such as: The easiest index portfolio for each discount brokerage How to invest $20k or less? How to invest $30k? 6 Ways to Index Your…

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Top 6 Indexing Options for Your Portfolio

By FT / June 5, 2018 /

Ever since doing research on how to set up an index portfolio for Americans, the case for index investing in my mind just keeps getting bigger.  It really is the simplest and one of the most effective ways to invest.  It’s geared for a wide spectrum of investors ranging from the beginner who has no…

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