Everything you need to know on preparing for your retirement and retiring in Canada. Can you have too much RRSP? What are the contribution limits? How and when to withdraw from RRSPs and TFSAs? How to retire early, and what are the risks in that? How to use the Saskatchewan Pension Plan? Learn everything relating to pensions and retirement plans and read recommended bank reviews, on Million Dollar Journey, one of Canada’s oldest and most detailed Personal Finance blogs.

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Tfsa Vs Rrsp2

TFSA vs RRSP- Canada’s Registered Account Faceoff

By Marc January 23, 2021

The eternal questions I get every year, especially around tax season, are: “Should I max out / invest in my RRSP or TFSA?”  “RRSP or…

Big Banks Mutual Funds

The Best Online Banks in Canada 2021

By Hannah January 17, 2021

Given the new importance of doing things online in 2020, we felt that we needed to refresh our best online banks in Canada article for…

Seniors Bank Account

Best Bank Account for Seniors in Canada

By Yang December 20, 2020

So, you’ve endured 60 years of ups and downs, booms and busts, triumphs and challenges, now it’s time to kick up your feet, relax, and…

Eqbank Logo

EQ Bank Review 2021 – Canada’s Best Online Savings Account?

By Kornel December 2, 2020

EQ Bank by a Genuine Customer After becoming a client when they first launched four years ago, I thought it was about time to pen…

Tangerine Logo

Tangerine Bank Review 2021

By Kornel June 7, 2020

It shouldn’t come as a shock that more and more Canadians from all generations are taking the time to look into online banking and high…

Low-Cost Countries for Canadians to Retire Early In

Low-Cost Countries for Canadians to Retire Early In

By Kyle Prevost March 29, 2020

**Editor’s Note: With everyone obsessed over the tragedy enveloping our world and/or the stock market gyrations that it is causing, we decided to give readers…

Accounts For Retired Canadians

Withdrawing from your RRSP, TFSA, and Non-Registered Accounts for Retired Canadians

By Kyle Prevost March 1, 2020

After writing a deep dive article on whether the 4% safe withdrawal rate still works for retirement at various ages, I received a lot of…

Ultimate Guide To Safe Withdrawal Rates In Canada

The Ultimate Guide to Safe Withdrawal Rates in Canada (For Any Retirement Age)

By Kyle Prevost November 4, 2019

You’ve been reading MDJ for years, have used your Questrade DIY discount brokerage portfolio to accumulate a solid nest egg that includes your TFSA, RRSP,…

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