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A little about me (Frugal Trader, aka: FT) – I am a married Canadian (with 2 children) who was born, raised and currently resides in Eastern Canada. I began investing in mutual funds when I was 16 years old and the passion for finance grew from there. When I graduated from University (I was 23), I started getting more serious about the stock market and real estate investing. 

My investing style has evolved over the years with a current focus on all-in-one ETFs (index investing) and dividend stocks. I have chosen to stay anonymous here on Million Dollar Journey in order to share the intimate details of my personal path to financial freedom and early retirement.

Since I started young, I have built an equity portfolio that has been growing gradually over the years. Starting this blog in 2006 (yes 2006!) with a net worth of $200,000, my initial stretch goal was to hit a net worth of $1M by the age of 35 (by 2014). In June 2014, we reached the $1,000,000 net worth milestone with time to spare (See the full details here with month by month updates here)!


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The intention of this site is not only to keep track of my financial progress but to help and educate those who are interested in personal finance and investing. (MDJ has 60,000+ subscribers!)  

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Over the years I’ve decided to bring on some help here at MDJ.  If you look through our archives you’ll find a few different authors pop up from time to time.  As of 2020, the main writers at MDJ are:

Kyle Prevost

Kyle Prevost is a business teacher by day (soon to start a new expatriate teaching journey - stay tuned) and a personal finance author/speaker/advisor when he is not in his classroom.  Kyle was recently recognized as a top educator for his role as a personal finance curriculum pioneer. 

Kyle’s writing has been featured across Canada’s most-read publications.  He is often booked to speak about financial happenings to audiences ranging from post-secondary students, to fellow educators. 

When he isn’t nerding out about P/E ratios or MERs, you can find Kyle on a basketball court or in a boxing ring trying to recapture something he isn’t sure that he had in the first place.

Recently, Kyle launched a new online course called 'Worry Free Retirement' which aims to help Canadians take hold of their financial future and avoid all common mistakes people usually make.


Dale Roberts is a former creative director who decided to quit selling stuff back in 2013, and jump on board with Tangerine Bank in order to help more people.  He writes over at Cut the Crap Investing and is a regular on the Seeking Alpha network of writers as well, contributing to publications such as Moneysense magazine and the Globe and Mail on a regular basis.  Dale is obsessed with the simple mission of getting Canadians to stop investing in “high free crap”

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