Thanks for stopping by Million Dollar Journey!  A little about me (FT) – I am a married Canadian (with 2 young children) who was born, raised and currently resides in Eastern Canada. I began investing in mutual funds when I was 16 years old and the passion for finance grew from there. When I graduated from University (I was 23), I started getting more serious about the stock market and real estate investing.  My investing style has evolved over the years with a current focus on index and dividend growth investing.

Since I started young, I have built an equity portfolio that has been growing gradually over the years. Starting this blog in 2006 (yes 2006!) with a net worth of $200,000, my initial stretch goal was to hit a net worth of $1M by the age of 35 (by 2014). In June 2014, we reached the $1,000,000 net worth milestone with time to spare (See the full details here with month by month updates here)!

Our new financial goals are all about financial freedom.  What is the new goal? I plan on building our passive income portfolio to generate enough income to pay for our family recurring expenses. My new financial journey starts here with freedom updates posted quarterly.

The intention of this site is not only to keep track of my financial progress but to help and educate those who are interested in personal finance and investing (MDJ has 30,000+ subscribers!). Along with that, there are a number of articles here about the strategies that have helped me get to where I am today (check out the archives).

When you get the chance, send me an email!  I enjoy hearing from my readers and try to respond as soon as possible.

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Media Attention

  • Million Dollar Journey has received some positive media attention from a national newspaper: The Financial Post . Here is a snippet:

..I like this one. Clearly written, accurate, informative, not over-selling an idea, just telling you what you need to know. You shouldn’t take this as comprehensive advice, just as information on high interest rate accounts. ..I conclude that this is one personal finance blog that is worthwhile for the average person…

  • The National Post recently conducted an interview of yours truly. They even came to my house to take pictures! Here are a couple of snippets:

    ..Sometime in the year 2014, Newfoundland’s millionaire club will increase by one. That is, if all goes according to plan for FrugalTrader, the moniker of the 27-year-old engineer behind the personal finance blog Million Dollar Journey… ..Still, he knows that by 2014, $1-million will hardly be enough to retire on. Perhaps it won’t be enough to retire the journey either. “When I reach the $1-million mark, who knows what will happen? Perhaps I’ll blog full time.”..

  • The Telegram, Newfoundlands premier newspaper, has featured Million Dollar Journey on their front page. You can read about the article here.

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