Investing in Canadian Bank Stocks – Juicy Dividends Ripe for the Picking?

By Dale Roberts / October 11, 2020 /

Investing in Canadian bank stocks, as well as Canadian insurance companies, has always been a profitable venture. Canadian banks in particular enjoy a very solid oligopoly and hence face very little competition. Much like the banks, just a few insurance providers dominate the space. Considering the fact both sectors have were hit hard in the…

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Best Free Canadian Chequing Bank Account For 2020

Best Free Canadian Chequing Bank Account for 2020

By FT / September 20, 2020 /

When considering your contenders for best free Canadian chequing bank account in 2020, there are three things you need you understand right off the bat. 1) The big Canadian banks (RBC, TD, Scotiabank, CIBC, and BMO) are not your friend. 2) You should NOT be comparing these accounts based on their interest rates. 3) Chequing…

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Best High Interest Savings Accounts 2020

Best Canadian High Interest Savings Accounts 2020

By FT / September 20, 2020 /

I’ve been writing about Canada’s best high interest savings accounts since I first started this blog back in 2007!  Somewhat embarrassingly, I actually had a large portion of my savings sitting in cash at the time, so high interest accounts were my “investment” of choice. These days I prefer investment strategies such as Dividend Investing or…

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PC Money Account Review

PC Money Account Review – Loblaws Resurrects a New PC Financial No Fee Account

By Kyle Prevost / September 15, 2020 /

Note: We’ll be updating our PC Money Account Review as the details get fleshed out and the introduction promo offer codes get created. For many years, the options for  no-fee chequing accounts in Canada were limited to two competitors: PC Financial and ING/Tangerine.  When Loblaws decided they didn’t want to worry about daily banking accounts…

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Simplii Financial

Simplii Financial Review

By Kornel / July 5, 2020 /

If you are someone who prefers to do all their banking from the comfort of their home and doesn’t mind not being able to deal with face-to-face help if required, then online banking and high interest savings accounts are a good choice for you. One of the newest names in online banking is Simplii Financial,…

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Tangerine Bank Review 2020

By Kornel / June 7, 2020 /

It shouldn’t come as a shock that more and more Canadians from all generations are taking the time to look into online banking and high interest savings accounts these days.  We’ve gotten over two-dozen emails in the last few weeks asking about our recommendations, as people look for an attractive place to park cash during…

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eq bank review 2020

EQ Bank Review 2020 – Canada’s Best Online Savings Account?

By Kornel / June 4, 2020 /

After becoming a client when they first launched over three years ago, I thought it was about time to pen the authoritative EQ Bank Review for Canadians to compare to their traditional branch banking services. I was even part of their early-access group before their popular EQ high interest Savings Plus Account was available to the…

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Motusbank Canada Review

Motusbank Canada Review 2020: High Interest Savings Accounts, Online Personal Loans, and Mortgages

By Kyle Prevost / February 23, 2020 /

With more and more Canadians moving to online banks to take care of their daily financial needs, it wasn’t a surprise to us when a new competitor popped up to challenge EQ Bank and Tangerine.  Motusbank enters 2020 with its eye on competing for Canadians’ dollars when it comes to their Motusbank mortgages, GICs, and…

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