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Reader Mail: Early 20’s, How Do I Invest $20k or Less?

By FT / July 30, 2018 /

After the last post on helping a reader on how to invest $30,000, I’ve received a number of emails asking for advice on investing.  The reader mail that I’m going to answer today is along the same theme as the last, but this time the age range is on the younger side, and also a…

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Reader Mail: Late 20’s, How Do I Invest $30k?

By FT / July 23, 2018 /

When I get reader emails, I typically respond to them directly, but this time around, I thought that this topic would be a good one to share with MDJers. This reader mail is from a late 20 something-year-old who has already started a healthy savings habit.  Helping young people with finances is one of my…

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Reader Mail: I have $1M+ Net Worth – What’s Next?

By FT / August 15, 2016 /

Here is an email from an MDJ reader who has achieved financial success, but is asking for advice on what to do next. He is relatively young with a professional career, and has crossed the $1M in net worth. My current financial situation is similar to yours, albeit I’m a little older at 42. I…

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Reader Mail: 17 Years Old, Saving $500/month, What’s Next?

By FT / June 29, 2015 /

After my interview with, I received a rush of new readers visiting MDJ along with a slew of questions.  One email in particular stood out as it was from a 17 year old, David, who is already starting to save and get interested in investing. Here is the email: I’m 17 years old and…

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Reader Question: What is your Corporate Investment Account?

By FT / March 18, 2014 /

My last net worth update was met with a number of questions, more specifically, what is the $200,000 “corporate investment account” that has magically appeared as an asset  line item? The Corporation In 2006, I created as a tool to keep track of my financial goals and as an outlet to share my ideas…

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Reader Mail: $1M House – Should I Downsize my Home?

By FT / November 12, 2013 /

The personal finance questions via email keep rolling in. Recently, Heather inquired about her financial situation and how would she go about reaching her goals. She is recently divorced and raising a child. While married, she worked in the family business, but now her only income is spousal and child support payments. She has a…

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Reader Mail: My Mom has Low Income, Should She Buy a House?

By FT / September 23, 2013 /

The last Reader Mail article on which account to place Canadians ETFs drew quite a bit of attention which resulted in a number of financial questions.  Here is one of them about a Reader who is worried about his mother’s financial situation. Five years ago, my mother immigrated to Ontario, Canada in the hope to…

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Reader Question: Which Account for Canadian Index ETFs?

By FT / September 16, 2013 /

It’s been a while since I’ve posted reader questions (and answers) on this site but I’m going to start posting them again.  This time around, the question revolves around tax efficiency, specifically, which account to use for Canadian index ETFs. Where to put Canadian index ETFs? I was wondering about Canadian index ETF’s such as…

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