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Enriched Academy Review

By Guest Blogger July 25, 2021

Editor’s Note: When the Enriched team approached us about completing an Enriched Academy Financial Coaching Review, we thought it looked pretty cool – but a…

Best Cad Etfs For Us Eqities

Best Canadian Dollar (CAD) ETFs for U.S Equities

By FT December 5, 2020

You may already know that I’m a fan of index investing as I believe that it’s one of the best investment strategies for a wide…

Reader Mail: Early 20’s, How Do I Invest $20k or Less?

By FT July 30, 2018

After the last post on helping a reader on how to invest $30,000, I’ve received a number of emails asking for advice on investing.  The…

Reader Mail: Late 20’s, How Do I Invest $30k?

By FT July 23, 2018

When I get reader emails, I typically respond to them directly, but this time around, I thought that this topic would be a good one…

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Reader Mail: I have $1M+ Net Worth – What’s Next?

By FT August 15, 2016

Here is an email from an MDJ reader who has achieved financial success, but is asking for advice on what to do next. He is…

Reader Mail: 17 Years Old, Saving $500/month, What’s Next?

By FT June 29, 2015

After my interview with, I received a rush of new readers visiting MDJ along with a slew of questions.  One email in particular stood…

Reader Mail: Should I Sell or Hold during Stock Mergers/Acquistions?

By FT September 2, 2014

The big financial news in Canada these days is that Burger King is acquiring Tim Hortons in a cash and stock deal worth $12 billion.…

Reader Question: What is your Corporate Investment Account?

By FT March 18, 2014

My last net worth update was met with a number of questions, more specifically, what is the $200,000 “corporate investment account” that has magically appeared…

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