Can You Invest Solely in ETFs?

invest only in etfs

As regular readers of MillionDollarJourney know, we are big fans of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) which are one of the fastest growing products in the market.  Were it not for the fact that financial firms and advisors have less incentives to sell ETFs than other investments such as mutual funds (that provide them with annual…

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Enriched Academy Review

enrich academy logo

Editor’s Note: When the Enriched team approached us about completing an Enriched Academy Financial Coaching Review, we thought it looked pretty cool – but a bunch of money nerds who write about this stuff in their spare time aren’t really Enriched’s target audience.  So what we did is set them up with a friend of…

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Gas Rewards Programs Compared

Almost everyone needs to buy gas and I suspect most Canadians have participated in a rewards program affiliated with their favourite brand. But, are these rewards actually worthwhile? Are you getting a half decent return on your spending and, more importantly, do these rewards deserve your precious loyalty? In fact, some of these programs DO…

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