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Saving Strategies

Ways to Maximize the Canada Child Benefit (CCB)

maximize child canada benefit

After filing my income tax return in mid-April (yes, I tend to procrastinate), I noticed on the bottom of the screen the amount that we will receive for the Canada Child Benefit.  While we’ve been receiving this benefit since the Trudeau administration has been in power (2016), what really got me thinking is that we’ll…

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Using GIC’s for your Short Term Savings

**This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of EQ Bank. However, as always, all opinions are my own. I get a number of daily requests for sponsored posts but I generally ignore them unless it’s a product that really adds value to the marketplace (or something that I personally use). EQ Bank…

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How to Save Money – 28 Ways to Save Money (2018)

I’ve written about my saving strategies and frugal living before, but I’ve decided to write an updated post in a numbered list format on how to save money and the various ways to save money on a day to day basis.  This post was inspired by similar posts on other blogs like CashMoneyLife. Included below are 25…

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7 Smart Ways to Spend your Tax Refund

This is a re-post but highly relevant.  Enjoy! As most people filed their tax return before the income tax deadline, it’s now a matter of waiting for that juicy tax return.  Most consider tax refunds to be “free money” that was unaccounted for.  And it’s true, you can do whatever you want with the money.  However, in…

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Wealth Building Tip – Take Advantage of Free Money!

I was recently catching up with an old friend (we’ll call him Gary) discussing life, family, our careers, and then inevitably.. money.  Perhaps it’s because I think about money a lot, but if I have a conversation with someone long enough, it will almost always lead to finances in some way or another. Gary in particular has always…

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