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How to save money in Canada: tips and tricks on money saving by the staff of Million Dollar Journey, one of Canada’s oldest and most detailed Personal Finance blogs.

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How To Save Money

25 Ways to Save Money in Canada

By FT August 15, 2021

Editor’s Note: This article was originally written by FT back in 2017. Due to its popularity, we have asked FT to update it for 2022…

The Mini-Split Heat Pump Experiment – Will it Save You Money?

By FT February 18, 2019

Way back in 2008, we completed a custom home that we still live in today.  In that same year, I wrote a post about my…

Usd To Cad Foreign Exchange

Save Money with USD to CAD Foreign Exchange using Norbert’s Gambit

By FT November 17, 2016

With the U.S Dollar (USD) gaining strength in the global currency game, it has resulted in the Canadian Dollar (CAD) losing some ground.  While this…

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money transfers in canada

Cheapest International Money Transfer in Canada: Top 3 Best Services

By Kyle Prevost September 25, 2022

The cost of transferring money internationally to a bank account abroad – or just exchanging one currency for another – is likely higher than you…

best finance books

Best Finance and Investing Books

By Meg May 7, 2022

Whenever readers ask me for finance book recommendations, my mental response is always “how much time do you have?” A list of the best personal…

money making apps canada

Best Passive(ish) Money-Making Apps in Canada 2022

By Meg March 23, 2022

Maybe you’ve been scrolling social media at some point and seen that there are apps that will pay you for basically nothing and help you…

canadian budget apps

Best Budgeting Apps For Canadians

By Lindsey February 27, 2022

A good first step in the journey from beginner to personal finance wizard is to have a handle on your day-to-day expenses. This means knowing…

canadian millionaire money

Make Money Online in Canada 2022

By Lindsey February 20, 2022

The last two years have brought monumental changes to our lives, many of which have opened up countless opportunities for people to earn money while…

bank promos canada

The Best Bank Account Promotions in Canada

By Meg February 3, 2022

If you’ve spent any time with us, you’ll know that we love a good bonus offer and/or bank account promo offer code. But which of…

how to track net worth

How To Track Your Net Worth

By FT January 6, 2022

This post was originally published in early 2009, but brought to the forefront as I believe it’s one of the more important strategies for growing…

convert cad to usd

The Best Low Cost Ways to Convert CAD to USD

By FT November 25, 2021

Updated November 2021 to provide additional information in regards to converting large amount of CAD to USD using Currency Brokerages/Money Transfer Comparison Back in late…

ynab logo

You Need a Budget (YNAB) Canada Review

By Meg November 18, 2021

What’s one guaranteed way to kill a party?  Bring up budgeting.  It’s tedious and difficult to maintain and just… it’s a one-way trip to the…

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