The last two years have brought monumental changes to our lives, many of which have opened up countless opportunities for people to earn money while working online from home. 

Whether you are looking for a way to earn some extra money from home, or to start a new career that will allow you the flexibility to work from anywhere, there are many benefits to making money online in Canada.

Why should you consider earning money online? There are many benefits to finding ways to make a side income from home.

  • Earn extra money to pay off debt
  • Start saving for a down payment on a home
  • Save for that dream post-pandemic holiday
  • Save for your child’s education 
  • Invest for your future retirement 

Whatever your goal is, there are a number of realistic ways to start making money from home today. Be aware that the ideas we’ve listed here are by no means “get rich quick” strategies, but with a bit of time and effort, you’ll start to reap the rewards. 

If someone promises you fast money through things like multi-level marketing (MLM) or dodgy high-interest loan schemes, run the other way and towards the ideas we’ve listed below. 

Make Money Online Selling Products or Services

Some people might shy away from the idea of selling online, but don’t worry! There are so many platforms that make it easy for you to help you earn money online in Canada.

1. Sell Products Online Using Shopify

Shopify makes it so easy to create your own ecommerce website, in fact it can be completed in only three steps. While it’s true that competition is fierce, demand for products available to buy online continues to rise. 

People are always on the lookout for exciting new products and if you are someone with a good eye for trends, you can make good money by creating an online store. The best part is that you don’t even need to hold inventory. If you can find a good supplier, you can use the dropshipping method.

It is estimated in Canada that the average monthly income of a Shopify ecommerce website owner is $6,583. Shopify trends to look out for in 2024 are all about that oh-so-precious health of ours. Think yoga mats, vegan products, and face masks.

2. Sell Products on Etsy

There are always people searching for unique, one of a kind items. If you are the crafty type who loves to make their own jewelry, pinterest-worthy DIY home decor, or craft things like homemade furniture, there are customers waiting to buy from you on Etsy. 

On average, sellers make $200 or more per month on Etsy. Some of the top selling items last year were accessories, art and collectibles, and craft supplies.

3. Create a Print on Demand Store

Do you always make your friends and family laugh with witty one-liners? Do you have an artistic eye and enjoy creating unique designs others might like to wear? If so, you can turn those talents into cash by creating a print on demand (POD) store. 

To start, you’ll need your designs ready to print, then you’ll send them to a supplier who will print and ship the order for you! No need to hold inventory or deal with running an at-home print shop, it will all be done for you. 

While the earning potential varies widely, earning $150-$240 per month is definitely possible. If you really commit and hustle, plus have just one amazing idea that goes viral, you can earn hundreds or even thousands per month. One successful POD entrepreneur, Michael Shih, has made over $1 million with this method.

4. Sell Secondhand Items

With sustainability being something of increasing value to consumers, more people are looking to buy great secondhand pieces to save money and save the planet. If you have a knack for spotting used items with great potential that just need a little TLC, you can make a great profit by reselling the upgraded item on ebay. 

If this isn’t your thing, there are other ways to sell your preloved items. Gizmogrind is a service available in Canada that allows you to sell used electronics, such as phones, tablets, and gaming consoles. Currently a 128G iPhone 11 sells for $263 on the site. Imagine if you also offered to help your friends and family sell their used devices as well for a commission, and that could be a winter trip to Mexico, all expenses paid! 

If you are more of a fashionista than a gadget lover, you can sell your used clothes on Poshmark or ThredUP. 

As you can see, there are many ways to make money from home using this strategy.

5. Sell Digital Products

Digital products are fantastic because they require no inventory, no dealing with a third party manufacturer, or even hassles with shipping. They also require little to no cost on your part, just time and talent.

Digital products are things such as eBooks, courses, digital art and photos, videos and even things like templates and handy spreadsheets. For everything you are good at, someone else is terrible at it. They are looking for you and your talents to help them learn and grow. 

If you have knowledge to share, and want to earn money creating an online course, it’s good to know that the E-learning market is expected to reach an impressive $412 billion by 2025.

Teachable and Udemy are the top platforms you can use to create a polished course. Some of the most popular courses are in the fields of computers and technology, business and management, arts and crafts, and physical well-being.

If you have an affinity for words, eBooks might be your best bet. In 2022 eBook sales are expected to exceed $22 million. You can use Amazon Kindle for self-publishing an eBook, which is easy to use, even for those with no experience. Top sellers are romance novels, mystery and thriller, young adult fiction, self-help and children’s books.

6. Become a Virtual Assistant

As more and more businesses are run remotely, people are looking for help with all sorts of tasks, from data entry, customer communication, social media management, and more.

If you are well-organized, have great communication skills, and have the ability to juggle multiple tasks, being a virtual assistant (VA) can be a great option for you.

In Canada, a full time VA can earn up to $47,102 per year. You can find VA job posts on sites such as Upwork and get started on building your skills and your client base if you are new to being a VA. 

7. Make Money Writing and Editing

With the increase in ecommerce, and people making a living off of their blogs, there has been a rise in demand for talented writers to help with blog posts, copywriting, and other key content that helps business owners drive traffic and increase sales.

If you are great with words, but have no idea how to get your first gig, you can write a few sample pieces as if they were for a client as a start, which can help you get your first paying clients. Top copywriters can make great money if they work out a commission structure with their clients. According to content writers in Canada make $20.97 per hour.

If writing content doesn’t appeal to you, but you have a great eye for detail and can’t help but wanting to correct mistakes in grammar that you see online, then being an editor could be for you. Editors needed for blog content, legal documents, and more.

In general, online editors in Canada can make up to $64,000 per year. If you’re new to the world of editing, you’ll need to start out on a site like Fiverr and your rate may be a bit low, but once you build up your client base, you can start charging more.

There are a number of courses available online to help teach you how to break into these industries, just make sure to do your homework and read the course reviews to make sure you get your money’s worth.

8. Create Websites

You do not need to be a coder or a graphic artist to help people design beautiful websites. There are people who need websites that just do not have the time or desire to create their own site.

If you have a good eye for design, you can help clients choose a great template and work with them to create the initial content for their blog. Platforms such as Weebly, Squarespace, and more make it easy to create a professional looking site, but only require you to be able to drag and drop like a pro. 

Creating a simple website for someone, such as a personal blog or simple business site, can fetch anywhere from $15-$75 per hour, and won’t require much technical skill. If you do have a bit more technical skill, and can help add more features such as an ecommerce section, you will be able to charge a higher rate.

9. Create a Coaching Side Hustle

Personal coaching has become hugely popular over the last few years. People are looking for life coaches, financial coaches, career coaches, and more. Now, there are also multiple coaching certifications to help you learn skills to help you serve your future clients.

If you have a wealth of knowledge and experience in a specific area, and enjoy mentoring and helping others achieve their goals, this could be a great option for you. Life coaches can make anywhere from $60-$160 per hour.

10. Become a Tutor

Tutoring can be a great way to earn extra money online. You get to set your own schedule and sometimes even set your own rate. Sites like Preply and VIPKid help connect tutors with students.

There are students looking for extra help on subjects like English and Math, or even things like playing chess and learning guitar. If you have a teaching degree, master’s degree, or can help students with higher level math and science class, you can earn a bit more. On average you can make $20 per hour tutoring online in Canada.

Make Money Online Taking Surveys

If you have time and like sharing your opinions, then earning money online completing surveys could be right up your alley. There are a handful that pay qualifying participants quite a nice sum, and others pay a few dollars, which can add up over time. In our opinion, it’s best to stick to the focus group type opportunities, as the others may not really make sense in terms of time input vs. money earned.

Here are some of the best ways you can earn money taking surveys in Canada. 

11. Earn Money Online Providing Feedback

User Interviews is a platform that connects companies with products and services with an audience. That could be you! Once you sign up and provide some personal information, they’ll notify you if a company’s requirements match your demographic.

If you are interested, you can apply and if you are selected, you’ll complete the review and get paid! The average study payout is $50 and can take anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours.

12. Make Money Online with Survey Junkie

If you are looking for a way to fund your coffee or streaming service habit, then Survey Junkie might be the best choice for you. After you register and share your demographic information, you will be able to complete surveys in exchange for cash.

They’ve got an app, so it’s easy to earn a few bucks on your daily commute. Sometimes they offer higher paying focus group opportunities, which is a great opportunity to earn even more. On average, users get paid $2-5 per hour with Survey Junkie.

13. Earn Free Money Online With Daily Rewards

Daily Rewards gives you $5 just for signing up! After that, you’ll need to complete surveys to earn more, but it’s not a bad start. With daily rewards, you are not limited to only taking surveys to earn money online, but you can also play games or read emails to earn cash as well as gift cards. You can earn up to $2 per hour with Daily Rewards.

14. Get Paid With Pinecone Research Canada

Pinecone Research Canada is yet another option for you to get paid for completing surveys online in Canada. As one of the leading market research panels in Canada, it attracts some big brands looking for people like you to provide their opinions. Paid $6 per product testing opportunity if you qualify. There is also a chance to win big money, we’re talking $500-$1500 by entering their bi-weekly and quarterly sweepstakes. 

15. Earn Cash and Rewards Opinion Outpost 

Opinion Outpost is easy to use and sends multiple offers for surveys to your inbox each day. Like other survey sites, you will need to enter demographic and other information to see if you qualify. If you do, you will earn up to $1.50 per hour, which you can cash out using PayPal, earn airline miles, Amazon gift cards, or use earned points to enter the quarterly $10,000 drawing.

Make Money Online Investing

One of our favorite ways to earn money online is by investing! Of course, you might have already guessed that, but it bears repeating. Earning money through online investing is a great way to make money from home in Canada.

Here are a few of our top favorite ways to start earning money from home today.

16. Earn Money With Your Spare Change Using Moka

You may have heard of Acorns and Robinhood before, and wondered if there was a similar app available to Canadians. Luckily, there is! With the Moka app you will be able to make money by investing your spare change-literally.

It’s so easy to do and doesn’t require a large amount of cash to get started. After setting up your account, the app will automatically round up your purchases and invest your spare change into a managed portfolio. Average users can expect to invest about $15 per week using their spare change, and over time, that will increase to a nice little lump sum.

You can read our full Moka review, or sign up by clicking the button below.

17. Earn Money With Wealthsimple

Wealthsimple is another way to earn money online through micro-investing, much like Moka. Wealthsimple is Canada’s best robo-advisor and offers users low-cost ETF investing. Because it’s a robo-advisor service, you won’t need to pay high fees to make a decent return on your investment. We’ve got an entire article all about it if you’d like to learn more over at our Wealthsimple Review.

18. Start a High Interest Savings Account

Unlike in the past, you can now start a savings account online without ever having to go to the bank. By transferring your money into a high-interest savings account like EQ Bank, you can earn up to 1.25% interest. So, if you’ve got $1,000 in the account, you’ll earn $12.5 in interest. EQ is one of the best options for high interest savings accounts in Canada, and in our EQ Bank review you’ll find out why we gave EQ 4.9 stars. 

To find out more about our top picks for high interest savings accounts, head on over to Best High Interest Savings Accounts in Canada

19. Make Money Day Trading and Options Trading

Don’t let these options put you off if you aren’t a professional trader. With so many discount online brokerages, it’s never been easier or more achievable to make money online by day trading or even options trading.
Day trading is when you buy and sell a security within the same day, and an option is a contract that gives the trader the right (but not obligation) to buy or sell an asset by a specific date or price. One you get the hang of these investment strategies, they can provide a great way to make a side income from home.

20. Earn Interest With Peer-to-Peer Lending

Another, albeit a bit riskier, way to make money online is through earn passive income with peer-to-peer lending. With peer-to-peer lending in Canada, you will use a platform such as goPeer or Lending Loop to loan money to those who need it for personal or business purposes and in return you’ll earn interest. 

You can earn anywhere from 4.96% – 31.5% on these platforms, which could end up being a way to earn a bit of fast cash on the side from home. 

BONUS: Save Money to Make Money

While our tips for making extra money in Canada can help you earn a bit of side money from home, nothing beats managing your budget so you know exactly where your money is going and stop it from going where you don’t want it to if need be. 

By reducing your expenses, you can save money then invest it (our ultimate favorite way to earn money online). Making extra money from the money you already have from your day job can be one of the strategies with the highest returns and least amount of time and effort.

Not sure where to start in terms of creating a budget? Try You Need a Budget (YNAB).

YNAB is one of Canada’s top budgeting apps. It offers resources to help you learn how to become a master budgeter, connects to your bank account so you don’t need to spend time on data entry, helps you set and monitor goals, and provides you with reports so you always know where your personal finances are at.

Making Money Online in Canada – Summary

here are so many ways to make money online in Canada. After reading this article, we hope you feel confident in using your talents, skills, or even money to help you earn money from home. We hope you feel proud of taking this next step in adding extra security to your financial future. We are rooting for you!

What Ways Are Making You Money Online? We would love to hear from you in the comments!

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