Amex Cobalt Review

amex cobalt large

The American Express Cobalt card has topped “best of” lists on a range of financial sites. Our Amex Cobalt review shows you why and in fact, we have also named this card the best travel credit card and one of the best overall credit cards in Canada. We give you the numbers, explain what they…

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CIBC Dividend Visa Review

cibc dividend visa

Our CIBC Dividend Visa review digs into the features of this no-fee cash-back card to see what’s good and what’s just OK (there’s nothing truly bad here). We compare the card with its paid counterparts so you can see what you get for the money. We also review how it compares to another similar card,…

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CIBC Aventura Gold Review

cibc aventura gold

If you’re looking for a travel Visa with flexible points redemption and a premium selection of perks and benefits, the CIBC Aventura Gold is an excellent candidate. Our CIBC Aventura Gold Visa review lays out this card’s information in detail and explains what makes it CIBC’s most flexible travel card. It also looks at the…

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Multiple Credit Card Strategy in Canada

New Rules For Prepaid Credit Cards

So, you want to get a new credit card, but you’re worried about whether it’ll hurt your credit. We have good news: lots of people have multiple credit cards and it doesn’t hurt their credit at all.  However, the more cards you have, the more you’ll need to keep track of. This article lays out…

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Best Prepaid Credit Cards in Canada

best prepaid cards

There’s more to prepaid credit cards than those Visa gift cards you find on display at your local Walmart. Our round-up of the Best Prepaid Credit Cards in Canada will explain how a prepaid card works and how it differs from a regular credit card. It’ll also show you our picks for the prepaid credit…

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Best Credit Cards in Canada 2021

best credit cards canada

What’s the best credit card in Canada? With so many cards on the market, it can be difficult to pick a single Visa or Mastercard, let alone one best overall credit card. This is true for two reasons: one, because there are so many cards that it can be overwhelming and two, because (spoiler alert)…

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The Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards in Canada

balance transfer credit cards

Carrying a credit card balance will cost you money and can negatively impact your credit rating if you’re not careful – which is why we spend a lot of time warning you against it. But we know (we’ve been there) that sometimes it happens, and when it does, this collection of the Best Balance Transfer…

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Scotiabank SCENE Visa Review

scotiabank scene visa2

The Scotiabank SCENE Visa card is part of Cineplex’s beloved SCENE loyalty program, which rewards moviegoers for purchasing tickets and concessions. Our Scotiabank SCENE Visa credit card review gives you all the details about this overwhelmingly popular card. It also lays out the options for SCENE members who want to earn points faster. If you…

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