Questrade vs Interactive Brokers

Questrade Vs Qtrade

When it comes to the showdown between Questrade and Interactive Brokers my analysis and answer might surprise you! Canadian DIY investors are spoiled for choice these days, and while both of these brokerages rank amongst Canada’s best online brokers, I personally have decided to go in another direction all together. Questrade has been a favorite…

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Qtrade Promo Code 2024

qtrade new logo

Not only do they currently occupy the top spot in our Canadian Discount Brokerage rankings, but the new 2024 Qtrade Promo Code means that you’ll get paid cold hard cash to try Canada’s best brokerage.  To get Qtrade’s welcome bonus, simply click the link below, open a new account, transfer your investment dollars, and BOOM…

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Qtrade vs. Wealthsimple in 2024

qtrade vs wealthsimple comparison

If you’ve been searching for the best rated discount brokerages in Canada, it’s likely that the Wealthsimple vs. Qtrade debate has popped up on your radar quite a few times. They are both good options for DIY investors looking for an easy to use and low-cost way to invest, but they definitely have some major…

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Desjardins Review (2024 Update – Free ETFs + Stock Trading)

Desjardins Logo

What is Desjardins Online Broker? When it comes to Canadian online brokers, Desjardins Online Brokerage isn’t typically one of the first names that comes to mind. That being said, in the spirit of providing a full selection of broker reviews, our MDJ editorial team looked under the hood of one of Canada’s original discount brokerages.…

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Interactive Brokers Canada Review 2024

interactive brokers

What is Interactive Brokers? Interactive Brokers Canada is part of the parent company Interactive Brokers Group, Inc., which has been around for over 40 years and boasts equity capital of $12.7 billion. Its mission has always been to develop technology to help traders maximize their potential. Interestingly, way back in 1983 they were one of…

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RBC InvestEase Review 2024

rbc investease logo

What is RBC InvestEase? Some people prefer to stick with the familiar and trusted, especially when it comes to choosing a robo advisor – and if this sounds like you, RBC InvestEase could be a good fit. Offered by one of Canada’s most well-known banks, RBC InvestEase offers clients the ability to dip their toes…

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Questrade vs BMO InvestorLine – 2024 Comparison

bmo vs questrade

DIY investing in Canada has never been easier, with more ways to invest than ever before. With so many brokerage options available to customers, brokerages are vying for your funds and offering perks like free trading and no minimum account balance to capture more clients. In this BMO InvestorLine vs Questrade comparison, we’ll be looking…

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Motive Financial Review 2024

Motive Financial Logo

What Is Motive Financial Bank? Motive Financial, which is under the Canadian Western Bank, is one of Canada’s best known online banks. They offer chequing, savings, RRSP, TFSA, and GIC accounts. Since Motive Financial has no brick and mortar physical locations, they are able to cut down on overhead costs and offer clients some pretty…

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VEQT ETF 2024 Review

vanguard logo

Since our Best All in One ETFs and Best ETFs in Canada articles are two of our most popular, we decided to take a deeper look at the ETF that we most often recommend, by doing an in-depth VEQT ETF Review. VanguarD VEQT ETF  The Vanguard All Equity ETF Portfolio is one of the best…

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Questrade Launches a New Mobile App

questrade mobile app

Responding to the surge of interest in online trading apps that we’ve seen in 2021, the new Questrade mobile trading app – called QuestMobile – is a major step up in terms of usability.  While I’m still a desktop-type of guy, there is no denying the enhanced usability compared to past iterations of what Questrade’s…

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Willful Review 2024

willfull logo small

You might think a will is something that rich people do in movies to pass on their “assets” (hockey card collections?) to their soon-to-be-rich heirs. You would be wrong. A will – whether you create it online or the old fashioned way – is something every adult should have. Put it in the same category…

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Questrade vs Virtual Brokers: 2024 Broker Showdown

Questrade Vs Qtrade

This Questrade vs Virtual Brokers 2024 comparison is a battle between Canada’s two lowest cost full-service discount brokerages, and a look at two of my top recommendations for Canadian expats (the other one being Ci Direct, which is a robo advisor).  If you want to check the full range of DIY investing options, I recommend…

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