Not only do they currently occupy the top spot in our Canadian Discount Brokerage rankings, the new Qtrade Promo Code for the 2022 – 2023 RRSP Season represents fantastic value for Canadian investors. Not only is Qtrade’s welcome bonus the biggest in Canada, but it also has the easiest minimum requirements.

Simply click the link below, open a new account (this works even if you already are a Qtrade customer), transfer your investment dollars, and BOOM – up to $2,000 cash back by using promo code CASHBONUS2023!

Summary of 2022-2023 Qtrade Promo Offer for RRSP Season

  • Up to $2,000 wired right to your new Qtrade account.
  • The new account that you open can be almost any type or personal or joint account (see below).
  • Cash back is an instant 1-2% of the amount you deposit in the account (see the below table).
  • If you’re a new investor without a big nest egg to invest – no worries. Qtrade has you covered with a great $50 bonus for setting up a $200 pre-authorized contribution. (Details below)

If you want to see why we think so highly of Qtrade, check out our in-depth Qtrade Review and our Canadian online brokers comparison.

After so many Canadians had trouble with customer service at their discount broker over the last two years, I think this Qtrade promo offer is going to “fly off the shelves” and they told us they can only guarantee the offer for the first 500 customers – so don’t delay!

Which New Accounts Qualify for the Qtrade RRSP Promo Offer Code?

The great thing about this Qtrade’s RRSP Season Cash Back Promo is that it isn’t restricted to just new customers.  They’re willing to reward the clients that have been with them for years as well!  

All you need to do is open one of the following accounts and put $5,000+ in it before March 1, 2023.

  • RRSP
  • TFSA
  • Margin (plain non-registered individual or joint account)
  • RRIF
  • RESP
  • Cash Account 
  • Spousal RRSP
  • U.S. RRSP
  • U.S. Spousal RRSP or RRIF
  • Individual Cash Account

It’s free money – you’re crazy not to take advantage!

How Much Instant Cash Back Will I Get With Qtrade’s Offer?

Use our Qtrade cash back table below to see how much free cash you could get for opening a new account with Qtrade. All you have to do is open an account by March 1, 2023, fund the account with minimum $5,000 by Mar 31, 2023 and held until Sep 30, 2023

New Funds

Cash Bonus

$5,000 - $4,9999


$50,000 - $49,999


$100,000 - $249,999


$250,000 - $499,999


$500,000 - $999,999




The Qtrade New Investor $50 Bonus Promotion

While it would be nice if we all had a million+ sitting in an account waiting to be invested, Qtrade made sure not to forget about new investors who are just getting started.

In return for doing something you should be doing anyway – automating your savings habit – Qtrade is going to give you 50 bucks!

Simply open a new Qtrade Direct Investing registered account and start a pre-authorized monthly contribution of $200 – by March 1, 2023 – and you’ll get a nice cherry on top of your investment sundae!

If you were waiting for a final push to get you to open and consistently fund that new TFSA account – it won’t get better than a free $50 incentive!

Qtrade Promo Offer Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Qtrade RRSP Season Promo Worth It?

The short answer – YES!

Look, if you’ve read our comparison of Canada’s best online brokerages you’ll see why we think you should use this platform – regardless of the current promotion.

That said, getting paid to open a new account is some pretty great icing on an already-tasty cake!

Regardless of if you’re just getting started with investing or if you have been dealing with another brokerage that you’re no longer satisfied with, there has never been a better time to choose Qtrade.

The cool portfolio analyzer tools and useful investor information services are available to all users – and not just “elite traders” who make 200+ trades every month.  And when you combine the excellent user experience with best-in-class customer service, free ETF trades, and a flawless mobile app – then top it off with some free cash – it simply can’t be matched in the current broker landscape.

If you’re considering ditching your high priced mutual funds or your current subpar broker, you won’t get a better opportunity than this limited time Qtrade promo offer code.

Of course, in addition to this limited time promotional offer, all Qtrade accounts get access to 100+ ETFs that they can buy and sell as many times as they want without any fees at all, and award-winning customer service, as well as our #1-rated desktop & mobile platforms.

There is no longer any excuse for putting with subpar broker experiences or delaying starting a retirement plan. Take advantage of this Qtrade boost and get started today.

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12 days ago

I’m not seeing a “code” to plug in. Is this automatic? Or does it need to be requested? When I called QTrade they said I needed to input a promo code.


Kyle Prevost
6 hours ago
Reply to  Stirling

It’s automatic if you click through the link in the article Stirling.

11 months ago

Is the bonus calculated based on the total amount deposited by March 31 or is it the first amount deposited when the account is opened?

Kyle Prevost
11 months ago
Reply to  Steve

Total amount Steve.