Best GIC Rates in Canada 2023

gic rates canada

The best GIC rates in Canada have skyrocketed in 2022 and don’t look to be trending downward any time soon in 2023. Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) are excellent investments for folks that want the ultimate in safety and simplicity – or are saving for a short-term goal.   Below you can find the latest top Canadian GIC…

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Qtrade Review 2023 – Canada’s Best Broker

qtrade new logo

What Is Qtrade Direct Investing? Is it Legit? Qtrade Direct Investing is part of Aviso Wealth, a national financial services company owned by the Credit Union Centrals, CUMIS and Desjardins. Aviso manages close to $90 billion in assets, and has major operations in Vancouver and Toronto, with regional offices across Canada. By again grabbing the…

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Canada Personal Pensions: Defined Benefit vs Defined Contribution Plans

pension plans canada

Now that we’ve covered OAS and CPP, it’s time to move on to the world of personal pensions in Canada.  Generally Canada’s personal pensions are broken down into two categories: Defined Benefit Plans Defined Contribution Plans While it’s true that most government employees enjoy defined benefit plans, and that many private sector employers have been…

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How Much Do Canadians Spend In Retirement?

canadian spend in retirement

You’d think it’d be a relatively easy quest to answer the question: How much will a Canadian spend in retirement? I started looking into this quandary because I’ve recently become a bit obsessed with the idea of all the mistakes most Canadians are making when it comes to preparing for retirement. These mistakes are quietly killing…

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What To Do When the Stock Market Crashes

stock market crash

We’re getting a lot of semi-predictable questions via email and article comments that ask some version of: “Is the stock market crashing and what should I do after stocks or bonds crash?” Read a book. Watch a new TV series. Spend time with your family. Just don’t panic. Sure, if you’ve got a really strong…

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Vanguard Canada Index ETFs vs Mutual Funds

vanguard interview logo

When Vanguard Canada first approached me about doing an interview in regards to their two new mutual fund products, I have to admit that my response was: “Wait, Vanguard still has mutual funds? They’re introducing new ones? Are we sure that’s a good idea?” What followed was an interesting back and forth email interview with…

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Book Review – Balance: How to Invest and Spend for Happiness, Health, and Wealth

balance book review

Huh… this guy really gets it – I remember thinking to myself when I  picked up Andrew Hallam’s first book Millionaire Teacher back around 2011. I mean, it was never going to be a hard sell.   There’s preaching to the choir… …and then there’s one money-nerd personal finance teacher preaching to another money-nerd personal finance…

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Neo Financial Mastercard Review 2023

neo financial logo

The new Neo Financial Mastercard or “Neo CardTM” is the next big thing in Canadian credit cards. We’ve seen tech companies disrupt everything from vehicles to space travel and investing. Now the new Neo credit card is coming for the old market standbys. Three massive advantages for the Neo Card immediately stand out to me: 1)…

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Snag Your Free Canadian Expat eBook

laptop with cover

Want to get paid a tax-free salary while working in a place where you don’t need to own a jacket or winter boots? Here’s the nuts-and-bolts behind how my wife and I are enjoying deduction-free salaries, and watching our tax-free investment portfolios grow, while living in a world-class city. If you’re a longtime reader of…

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Tangerine vs EQ Bank Comparison 2023

Big Banks Mutual Funds

Even with new up and comers challenging for the title of Best Online Bank in Canada in 2023, for most people it boils down to the two most popular options: Tangerine vs EQ Bank. Tangerine vs EQ Bank Quick Comparison Tangerine vs EQ Bank – Who’s The Best in Canada? While Tangerine does offer a…

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Insurance and Wills for Canadian Expats

Canadian Expats Category

When I talked to several non-resident tax and investment specialists during my Covid quarantine-induced expat research frenzy, the topic that kept coming up as “the most common mistake amongst expats” was insurance. As the least sexy topic in a field of study not known for being particularly sexy, insurance has long been the forgotten dance…

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Should You Bet Your House on Blackberry?

January 25th – 29th, 2021 is the week the stock market embraced full insanity – PhD theses will eventually be written about what just occurred in the stock market this week.  One day smart people will be able to explain to what degree various factors contributed to the illogically hilarious/fun/dangerous ride that stocks such as Gamestop (GME), Blackberry (BB), NOKIA (NOK), and AMC (AMC) took us on over the past few days

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Scotiabank Review: Elite Chequing, Banking, and Credit Card Package

Scotiabank Logo

The ease of using Canada’s most international big bank is unparalleled. It has all the brick-and-mortar corner location convenience, coupled with an excellent online platform. You can easily shuffle money between chequing and savings accounts – and the Free premium credit card – two of Canada’s top options – what puts this package over the top! While…

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PC Money Account Review – Loblaws Resurrects a New PC Financial No Fee Account

Pcmoney Logo

Note: We’ll be updating our PC Money Account Review as the details get fleshed out and the introduction promo offer codes get created. For many years, the options for  no-fee chequing accounts in Canada were limited to two competitors: PC Financial and ING/Tangerine.  When Loblaws decided they didn’t want to worry about daily banking accounts…

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Legal Wills Review: Canada’s Best Online Will Kit

Legal Wills Logo

When I was asked if I wanted to write a Canadian Legal Wills review in exchange for a free trial of Canada’s best online will kit, I have to admit that I was embarrassed.

You see… until yesterday I didn’t have a will.

I know… statistics show that roughly half of Canadian adults don’t have a will, and only a third or so have one that is up to date.

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Is Hello Fresh Worth It?


Reviewing the Cost of Meal Kits During the Pandemic Over the last few weeks, several of my neighbors have been eyeing my weekly meal kit delivery service, and asking for my Hello Fresh Review.  This new trend makes sense given how many of us are cooking from home more these days – while trying to…

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Motusbank Review 2023

Motusbank Logo

With more and more Canadians moving to online banks to take care of their daily financial needs, it wasn’t a surprise to us when a new competitor popped up to challenge EQ Bank and Tangerine.  Motusbank enters 2023 with its eye on competing for Canadians’ dollars when it comes to their Motusbank mortgages, GICs, and…

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