Responding to the surge of interest in online trading apps that we’ve seen in 2021, the new Questrade mobile trading app – called QuestMobile – is a major step up in terms of usability.  While I’m still a desktop-type of guy, there is no denying the enhanced usability compared to past iterations of what Questrade’s mobile app platform looked like.

Edward Kholodenko, president and CEO of Questrade had much to say upon the Questrade mobile app launch stating:

We have always been committed to improving our clients’ trading and investing experience. We are doing this by being closely attuned to the behaviors and needs of our different types of investors and transforming our underlying technology.

Our goal is to first deliver a fast, simple and easy-to-use QuestMobile app for those who need the basics, followed by a much more advanced mobile app with a full spectrum of trading tools for the more sophisticated traders. We’re on a mission to empower and educate Canadians on their journey to financial independence by continuously investing in technology.”

This new app is clearly inspired by the success of apps like Robinhood down in the USA and as far as mobile investing apps go, we’d put it right there with what Qtrade currently offers.

Here’s a brief summary of the best new features on Questrade mobile investing app:

  • All-new Learning Mode gives users a guided understanding of investing terms, asset allocation decisions, and equity charts.
  • Prioritization on speed allows for much quicker transitions from basic account summarties to stock trading mechanisms in a smoother fashion.
  • Quick biometric log in makes for a faster and more secure entry into the app.
  • Single-screen view of all accounts (such as margin, TFSA, RRSP, RESP, etc) allows for a quick glance of all of your assets on one screen.
  • Easily accessible watchlists allow you to track the stocks and ETFs that you want to keep an eye on.
  • Receive instant notifications and alerts (although, I’m not a fan of the impulse driven nature on this one) – these are only while using the app itself, you won’t receive any push notifications when the app is closed.

Check out our Ultimate Questrade Review if you want the full details on how one of Canada’s most well known brokerages stacks up against the rest of Canada’s online brokers.  [Aside: They definitely have the best commercials.]

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