Investing on Behalf of my Kids

By FT / September 19, 2016 /

Ever since the kids were born, I often think about their financial futures.  I wonder what they will do for a living when they get older, and whether they can build wealth rather than succumbing to the heavily promoted North American consumer lifestyle.  I can now see why my parents often tried to nudge me…

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Canada Pension Plan Children’s Benefits

By Clark / October 3, 2014 /

This blog has featured Canada Pension Plan (CPP)-related posts before. In a similar vein, this post will discuss about another CPP-related benefit available to dependent children of disabled or deceased CPP contributors. Types of Children’s Benefits Disabled contributor’s child benefit. This benefit is available to the child of a CPP contributor who is receiving a…

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Financial Strategies for the New Stay at Home Parent

By FT / May 2, 2011 /

With most households these days generating income from both spouses, it can be a challenge to switch to the single income when the need arises.  Such as having multiple children or losing employment.  The biggest reason for the challenge of dropping to one income is that dual incomes typically result in a lifestyle that matches the…

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Opening a Bank Account for a Toddler

By FT / January 17, 2011 /

As this was the first Christmas that our toddler really understood the concept of “Santa Clause”, the number of gifts under the tree were greater than ever.  Christmas has become magical again in our household.  Along with regular toys,  some family members gave cash as a gift.  What’s better than cash right?  While the amount…

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Tooth Fairy Economy

By Kathryn / December 21, 2009 /

The tooth fairy seems to leave a little less around here than she does at other houses. What’s up with that? Is there a 1-800 number I can call and lodge a formal complaint? There is a child in my daughter’s class who gets a crisp $10 bill for every tooth she loses, except for…

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Creating Super Human Kids

By FT / September 21, 2009 /

As our toddler is approaching the 2nd year of life (terrible twos?), we have been contemplating various school systems and activities. We have thought about educational day cares, Montessori schools, ballet, Karate, piano, French immersion, swimming, soccer and the list goes on. Stepping back and looking at the big picture, I have to think about…

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Canadian Bank Accounts for Kids

By Kathryn / September 9, 2009 /

A few years ago we took the kids down to our local RBC and signed them up for a Leo Account. I did some online research to find out which Canadian bank offered the best bank accounts for kids. They were all so similar that no single bank was a clear winner. The only incentive…

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8 Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy this Summer Without Going Broke

By Kathryn / June 3, 2009 /

For those of you with school age kids, you’ll know that because of the timing of labour day this year, many school boards have opted for one of the longest summer breaks ever. Nine full weeks! Our neighborhood seems to empty out every summer as families head up to their cottages. Although buying a cottage…

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