Canadian Bank Accounts for Kids

kids bank accounts canada

If you are a parent reading this blog, you already know that teaching your children about financial literacy is one of the best ways to help set them up for financial success later in life.  Helping them to set up a kids bank account early can help you achieve this goal. Helping your child to…

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The Secret World of Private Banking

I’ve read more personal finance books than I care to admit. I’ve had more conversations about money with people than I’ve had about most other subjects. I enjoy getting a new perspective on money. There always seems to be something new to learn. Recently I found out about a side of banking I’d never heard…

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How We Feed Our Family of Four on $100 a Week

Kathryn and her family live in Ontario where she and her husband work for a non-profit charity and have a combined household variable income of approximately $32,000. She has a passion for personal finance and helping others live well on less. She volunteers her time as a financial coach, meeting regularly with ordinary Canadians whose…

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