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Financial Goals

My Top 5 Financial Goals for 2017

2017 financial goals

It’s early in the new year which means that it’s time to focus on goals for 2017.  It has been a while since I’ve posted annual financial goals, but my financial freedom goal has re-ignited my motivation. It’s no surprise that I’m a fan of setting goals, a big one being the million dollar net worth…

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Financial Goals for 2011 – What are Yours?

Since starting this blog, I’ve set financial goals every year to help keep me focused. One strategy that has been written a lot about a lot in the blog world is using the SMART goal strategy. SMART is an acronym for: S: Specific M: Measurable A: Attainable/Actionable R: Realistic/Relevant T: Time Based The SMART goal…

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2010 Financial Goals Evaluation

As I like to stay accountable for my finances, I set financial goals every year.  Last years goals were fairly aggressive and although I’m happy with the way things worked out, there was some room for improvement.  Out of the six goals, three were achieved, one made good progress, and two just didn’t happen.  Lets…

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How we Paid off our Mortgage in 3 Years

In the October 2010 net worth update, I briefly mentioned that I was planning on paying of the mortgage balance this month and I’m happy to say that we’re mortgage free in 2010!  As this is a significant milestone in any financial journey, I thought that it deserved a post all on its own. History…

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Financial Goals Mid Year Update 2010

It was suggested by a regular reader, canucktuary, to write an update of my financial goals for 2010.  I always find it helpful to review progress to see if I’m on track for the end of year report.  I’ll be honest, in preparation for this post was the first time I’ve gone over my 2010 goals. …

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Aligning Your Dreams, Financial and Otherwise

Marriage has many benefits only some of which are financial. Shared housing, splitting pension income and shared resources are just a few of the financial advantages to being married. If you are in it for the long haul being married also comes with compromise. It’s not always possible to follow both sets of dreams when…

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My Financial Goals for 2010

As per the annual tradition since I’ve started Million Dollar Journey, it’s time to declare some financial goals for the New Year.  As I’ve written before, I believe that setting realistic goals are important in making progress towards desired, bigger picture milestones.  For me, one of my bigger picture financial goals is to be a…

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