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You Need a Budget (YNAB) Canada Review

By Meg June 2, 2023

What is YNAB? YNAB is more than a simple budgeting app. The idea for YNAB all started in 2003 when founder Jesse Mecham developed a…

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Is Buying a New Vehicle a Bad Investment?

By Michelle Bates July 2, 2022

Purchasing a new vehicle means accessing the latest features and driving efficiencies available on the market. However, new vehicle models are typically more expensive to…

best free rewards cards canada

Top No Fee Rewards Credit Cards in Canada

By FT November 10, 2021

I’ve written about the top free cash back credit cards in Canada before, and even modified my top pick to be Neo Financial in 2021,…

Roadside Assistance Comparison

By FT February 8, 2010

I’ve never really given thought about buying roadside assistance protection before as I considered it just another unnecessary cost.  However, with an alternator failure the other day in…

How Car Lease Payments are Calculated

By FT November 23, 2009

With the new 2010 Honda CRV released, a renewed interest in a replacement vehicle has occurred in our household. After browsing around the auto makers…

Buying a Car from the U.S – The Pros/Cons and Process

By FT July 27, 2009

My last post on the car research that I’m doing spurred a great deal of interest with some readers requesting more information on purchasing a…

Hybrid vs. Gasoline Vehicle Comparison – Are Hybrid Vehicles Worth it?

By FT June 9, 2008

Are hybrid vehicles worth it?  With record high gas prices due to the price of oil, I’m sure that most car owners out there have…

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