The Best Online Banks in Canada 2022

best online banks

Canadian Banks have done a great job keeping up with consumer demand when it comes to online banking. Brick and mortar banks now offer mobile banking, and there have been a number of completely online banks, with zero physical presence, that have cropped up throughout Canada.  Online banking offers many benefits, and there is a…

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Best Stock Trading Apps in Canada for 2022

canadian stock trading app

DIY stock trading in Canada has been around for decades, but mobile app trading is relatively new in comparison. As many of us spend more time on our mobile devices rather than our computers, it makes sense to add trading to the list of things we do on our phones or tablets. Apps like Robinhood…

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Understanding CPP Payments

cpp payments

CPP stands for Canada Pension Plan and is a monthly, taxable benefit. The program was launched in 1965 and aims to help provide Canadian seniors with a little more cash in their retirement years. All Canadians outside of Quebec pay into CPP if they have made more than $35,00 per year (Quebec has its own…

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Best Canadian Robo Advisors 2022

best robo advisors canada

Robo advisors are perfect for Canadians who want to grow their investments but aren’t interested in paying high fees for a financial advisor or figuring out how to trade on their own (if you’re more of a DIY person, check out the best online brokers in Canada instead). We compiled our list of the best…

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Free Stock Trading in Canada

free stock trading

In recent years, millions of people around the world have taken stock trading into their own hands thanks to the rise of online trading. Free stock trading in Canada has made it possible for many new investors to not only enter the market, but to also manage their own portfolios with relative ease.  Trading apps…

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The Best Short Term Investments in Canada 2022

fast short investments canada

When it comes to investing, most financial advice proposes investing for the long run.  There are many times though (down payments, car purchases, dream vacations, weddings, etc) when the best short term investments are much more relevant. These types of goals aren’t necessarily 30+ years down the road, but instead are more like 1-5 years…

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Ultimate Guide to Peer-to-Peer Lending in Canada

peer lending canada

Peer-to-peer lending in Canada is a unique niche for Canadian investors looking for higher returns on fixed income.  If you want to act as the bank (instead of just investing in them), this is your chance. So, what is peer-to-peer lending?  How does it work?   And is Peer-to-peer lending a safe way for Canadians to…

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Justwealth Review 2022

justwealth logo

Justwealth has tried to carve out a niche as the most “Financial” of the fintech platforms that have come to be categorized as “robo advisors”. This automated wealth manager was launched in 2015 and strives to be Canada’s most comprehensive online portfolio management program. With competitive rates, dozens of portfolio options, and personalized portfolio managers…

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