Investing For High Net Worth Individuals

high net worth investing

With the stock market hitting new all-time highs you may be hearing the term “High Net Worth Individual” a lot recently, and wondering exactly what that means.  The term High Net Worth Individual – or HNWI – is a label used by financial institutions to refer to folks whose liquid assets (funds that can be…

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Best Student Bank Account in Canada (2024 Promos Included)

student bank account canada

Picture yourself racing across the quad to your early morning lecture – your iced coffee spills down the front of the cleanest hoodie you could find to throw on. You have two papers to write and midterm exams are quickly approaching – any thoughts of your finances are far from top of mind. You’ve got…

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Best Bank Account for Seniors in Canada 2024

Seniors Bank Account

So, you’ve endured 60 years of ups and downs, booms and busts, triumphs and challenges, now it’s time to kick up your feet, relax, and enjoy your retirement. You want a simple bank account to handle your day-to-day banking, but there are so many choices out there. Which should you choose? Which is the best…

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Investing in Commodities in Canada 2024

commodity investing canada

If you have been like many investors and sticking with an easy, passive all-in-one ETF, but looking to try out something a bit more active, investing in commodities in Canada could be just the thing to scratch that itch. Commodities are consumer products such as energy, metals and agriculture tend to fare particularly well in…

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Best Penny Stocks Canada 2024

canadian penny stocks

When you hear the words “penny stocks”, it’s likely that the image in your mind isn’t a pleasant one. However, penny stocks still draw the attention of many new investors. In the age of apps like Robinhood, penny stocks make it easy for people to access the stock market game due to their low price.…

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Spousal RRSPs in Canada

spousal rrsp canada

You likely already know that investing in an RRSP is one of the best, most tax efficient ways to save for retirement. The good news is that if you or your common-law partner or spouse have unequal incomes, you can open and contribute to a spousal RRSP account.  In doing so, you can maximize the…

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Instantly Minimize Charges and Bank Fees in Canada

reduce bank fees

No one likes to pay fees – but when it comes to the incredibly high bank fees in Canada, it becomes even more important to take action. Here are some quick and easy ways we can minimize our charges and bank fees or eliminate them altogether. Best No-Fee Bank Account in Canada The simplest way…

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Best Strategies to Hedge Against Stock Market Downfall

stock hedging

Having a stock hedging strategy is like having insurance… sort of. In general, it’s good to have a way to minimize damage when things go wrong.  In a best-case scenario, that’s what hedging against stock market crashes does. The Risks And Downsides of Hedging Strategies When formulating a hedging strategy, it is good to clarify…

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Quick Tip: Questrade Currency Settlement

Questrade Currency

I’ve made a lot of mistakes along my personal finance journey. Let me tell you about one of these mistakes. Rhymes with “nasal” The year is 2010, I was fresh out of university and was embarking on this thing called a career. I needed to figure out what to do with pay cheques showing up…

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