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Success Stories

Going for Financial Independence in a High Cost City

retiring in vancouver

This is a guest post from Amanda who has an inspirational financial story to share.  Their single-income family of four currently lives in Vancouver and building wealth through the traditional methods of saving and investing.  Here is their journey towards financial freedom by the age of 50. When FT asked if I’d like to share…

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How our Family of Four Lives off One Government Salary

In my 2014 financial summary post, I mentioned that our family of four currently lives off one salary – mine.  Since then, I’ve received a number of emails from readers looking for details on how we do it.  It’s not only online readers who have questions, when I tell friends/co-workers that my wife is taking the…

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How I Reached $500K Net Worth by Age 29

FrugalTrader (FT) reaching his long-term goal of a net worth of a million dollars inspired me to tell my personal financial story. Similar to FT, I’ve set out a financial plan to reach a net worth of a million dollars by age 35. Through discipline, hard work and determination, I’m already halfway there, recently reaching…

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How this Frugal Lawyer Reached $1M by Age 34

Approximately six years ago I stumbled upon Million Dollar Journey and started to read faithfully. At the time, I had just started to practice law and was in reasonable financial shape but with no real sense of direction or sense of how I was doing. I remember FrugalTrader doing a monthly net worth post and…

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