How has Million Dollar Journey affected me?

I was reading Clever Dude the other day where he posted about how his blog has affected him.  I thought it was an interesting topic so I thought I would borrow the idea.

Million Dollar Journey has actually had a big influence on my financial life.  The original goal of the blog was to help me track my financial progress.  Not only has it done that, it keeps me focused on my financial goals.  Before MDJ, I would have a goal in mind, but never really focus on it and more or less "go with the flow".  Now, good or bad, all I think about is saving and making more money because now I'm publicly accountable.

Not only has the blog kept me focused on my own goals, I have learned a lot through doing research for the articles and reading through the reader comments.  It can be a great learning experience when like minded individuals get together and have a pf discussion. 

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a natural writer, however, MDJ has helped hone my writing skills immensely. It really comes in handy when writing those tedious reports for work.  Not only that, I look forward to writing for MDJ readers.

I never dreamed that this site would grow as fast as it has, since starting early December 2006 (9 months ago), this site has grown from 0 to 900 daily RSS readers with similar numbers for daily visitors.  The traffic has growing to the point where I can soon consider the blog income as a legitimate source of income.  I am truly flattered, honored and humbled by your loyalty. Thank you.

How about other bloggers out there?  How has your blog affected you?  How about you readers?  Has MDJ and pf blogs in general affected you? 

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FT is the founder and editor of Million Dollar Journey (est. 2006). Through various financial strategies outlined on this site, he grew his net worth from $200,000 in 2006 to $1,000,000 by 2014. You can read more about him here.
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Riscario Insider
13 years ago

Blogging leads to discipline. You can’t disappoint your readers after all :)

It’s great reading the thoughts of *real* people. Congratulations on the growth in your readership :)

13 years ago

Funny, I was just thinking the opposite… but then, I’ve only been blogging for a month. Maybe with more time….?

Saturday LinkStuff
13 years ago

[…] Million Dollar Journey wrote about how blogging has influence his finances. […]

The Dividend Guy
13 years ago

Like a few other people who commented, my blog has held me accountable for my approach and tracking my investments. It has also given me good reason to further research and understand the investing “game”.

The biggest benefit I have had is connecting with other bloggers who share similar passions for dividend stocks and finances – I have learned more from these blogs than any books I have read over the years.

Daniel M,
13 years ago

I enjoy reading this blog and the topics often get my wife and I to have conversations about our financial health.

I am such a big fan of blogs because I feel it is more like a conversation than newspaper articles that I boring and without direction.

I took me a long time to become financially responsible and I admire all the young people on that are participating and contributing to this community. Thanks for the posts.

13 years ago

I too like the accountability that a blog provides. You’ve got a great product here. Keep it up. I haven’t really used my blog as a source for trading or financial goals, but that is a great idea.

The Financial Blogger
13 years ago

I tried to blog in French as well but there is no market for it. You are very limited in term of promoting your blog and getting hits. After a couple of months, I quit writing in French and concentrated all my effort into The Financial Blogger. It’s definitely easier in English!

the Wealthy Canadian
13 years ago

I started my blog for two reasons:
1) To assist in my own financial education, and
2) To actually keep track of my goals (as you said, goals are useless unless written down).

Congratulations on your 900 in 9 months!

Blain Reinkensmeyer
13 years ago

This is awesome FT!! Major congrats. I remember originally finding you earlier this year and going, “I need to get to know this guy” and then become top commentator that month. The blog is an awesome read FT, look forward to seeing you surpass 1k subscribers :) That in itself is inspirational.

13 years ago

I like the feeling that I’m accomplishing something with my blog. I also have learned a great deal – it’s one thing to read and understand a topic but to write about it means you really have to know what you are talking about.