I haven't posted about a money saving strategy since I posted about 25 ways to save money, but I came up a tip to write about while shopping over the weekend. 

On a typical Saturday morning, my wife and I will get up, have breakfast, relax for a bit, then head out on our adventure for the day.  This adventure usually involves shopping for household essentials or groceries at the local big box store (exciting hey?).

As the title suggests, one saving strategy that we try to implement whenever we can is to leave the house on a full stomach.  Why?  Lets take a look at a couple of scenarios.

When we go out shopping, we usually spend a couple hours picking up a few odds and ends.  If we don't have some food in our stomach during the shopping trip, we'll inevitably get hungry (especially my pregnant wife).  When this happens, we'll usually stop by a Subway or a Tim Hortons to grab a quick bite.  Even though these fast food joints are reasonable in price, it can cost around $15-$20 for the both of us for lunch.  If we were to do this every weekend, this would be an extra $80/month bill or $1000/yr

When grocery shopping, people are more inclined to buy more (junk) on an empty stomach.  We've experimented with this phenomenon, and it's right on the money.  Not only do we spend around 10%-15% more when grocery shopping hungry, we tend to load up on unhealthy items.

Eating before you go shopping can not only save you a few dollars, but it can also be the healthier alternative.

Of course, this strategy may not work that well if you plan on going out to eat.

Photo credit: DanieVDM

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