Tangerine Bank Review 2024

Tangerine Bank Review
  • Initial Savings Account Teaser Rate
  • High Interest Savings Rate
  • No Fee Credit Card
  • GIC Interest Rate
  • Low Bank Fees
  • Ease of Use and Customer Service
  • Mobile App
  • Account Options

Tangerine Bank Review Summary:

Tangerine Bank is notable for being good at lots of things, without leading the pack in any single area. In other words, it’s a jack of all banking trades, but a master of none. If you’re looking for a single place for all your banking needs with a better-than-big-banks interest rate – then it’s a great option. Tangerine’s offerings are solid – but they’re not the absolute best.

If you’re looking for the best high interest savings and GIC rates in Canada, then
EQ Bank, our top ranked bank in Canada, simply outclasses Tangerine’s offers.

If you’re starting from scratch and you NEED access to excellent credit card options, mortgages, loans, and RSPs, then Tangerine is a good choice. But if you’re you simply looking for the perfect savings options alongside your current full-service chequing account, then you’re better off choosing a high interest savings account from EQ Bank.


  • Very good interest rate for first 5 months
  • No-fee credit cards and banking
  • Excellent online platform and mobile app
  • Best all-in-one choice for online banks
  • Solid debit and credit card options


  • Much lower interest rates after the promo period
  • TFSA and RRSP investment is better at online brokers

EQ Bank is just as safe and trusted as Tangerine and offers better rates across the board with $0 account fees.

Visit EQ Bank - Best Online Bank in Canada

While our EQ Bank Review details why it is our top pick for Canada’s best online bank and high interest savings account, Tangerine is our runner-up in more than one category. The Canadian online banking scene really boils down to a two-horse race between EQ and Tangerine. And seeing as Tangerine is our former top-recommended bank in Canada, we’re clearly fans of both. 

In this review we’ll give you the full details about Tangerine’s most popular offerings.  We’ll also show you how they compare to EQ Bank, our top-rated bank in Canada. We’ll also give you our take on when Tangerine is the better choice (because in some cases it is).

What is Tangerine Bank

Tangerine started out as ING Direct, a pioneer in the world of “direct” (branchless) banking. In the late 90s, ING Direct offered savings accounts only, but by the time it was acquired by Scotiabank in 2012, it also offered chequing accounts, mortgages, and a range of investment products and accounts.

When Scotiabank took over, ING Direct was renamed Tangerine, and became Scotiabank’s digital-only, lower-fee banking subsidiary. Tangerine continues to offer bank accounts, investment options, and mortgages, as well as two no-fee credit cards. 

Despite the changes in both name and ownership, the end goal has remained the same: provide Canadians with a “one-stop-shop” type of online bank with great products and friendly customer service.

 Is Tangerine Online Banking Safe?

In a word, Yes. Tangerine prioritizes customer safety with SSL encryption and 2-factor authentication, plus, they are a member of CDIC which means your deposits are insured up to $100,000. 

Tangerine Fees

While Tangerine’s bank accounts offer unlimited free transactions and their credit cards have no annual fees, the bank does charge some fees—and they’re open about it. 

Tangerine prides themselves on charging Fair Fees, which means that they’re disclosed and agreed upon in advance and that they’re reasonable based on the value clients receive. You won’t find any hidden fees or price jacking here. 

A look at Tangerine’s list of Fair Fees reveals amounts that are close to industry standards, such as: 

  • Canadian bank drafts $10 (big banks charge $9.50-$9.95)
  • NSF fee $45 (other banks charge $35-48)
  • Non-Scotiabank ATM withdrawals in Canada $1.50 (big bank standard is $2)

Considering that you pay those fees on top of a monthly fee with many big banks, Tangerine is offering valuable savings in comparison.

Tangerine Savings Account

The Tangerine Savings account is a no-fee savings account with a standard interest rate of 1%. With no hidden fees or service charges, Tangerine’s savings account is on our list of the Best High Interest Savings Accounts in Canada, just behind EQ Bank and Scotiabank (both of which offer higher interest). 

Tangerine is currently offering new clients a promotional 6% interest rate for the first 5 months. 

Tangerine Chequing Account

The Tangerine No-fee Daily Chequing Account gives clients unlimited free transactions, including Interac purchases, e-transfers, and ATM withdrawals using Scotiabank’s network. And this year, Tangerine boosted the interest rates on their chequing account to a minimum of 0.5% and up to 2% for balances between $100,000 and $500,000. Considering that the interest rate on their chequing accounts was 0.1% at the start of the year, it’s no wonder that. The account ranks high on our list and is our runner up for the Best Joint Bank Account in Canada

Tangerine is currently offering new accountholders 10% cashback on debit purchases made in the first 60 days (up to $400 cash back), plus a $100 bonus if you open two kinds of accounts and set up automatic transfers.

Tangerine GICs

Tangerine offers GICs (Guaranteed Investment Certificates) with no fees and a 1-year rate of 5.50%. This rate puts Tangerine’s GICs solidly on our list of the Best GIC Rates in Canada for 2024. Tangerine clients can open a GIC online in minutes and start earning higher interest on their savings with these no-risk investment options.

Tangerine Money Back Credit Card

When it comes to free credit cards in Canada, the Tangerine Money Back Credit Card is one of the best options on the market. And that’s because of the flexibility they’ve built into the card. 

Instead of having assigned categories for bonus cashback earnings, customers get to choose up to 3 bonus categories out of a selection of 10. These categories earn 2% cashback (or 4 times the base rate of 0.5%). For full details, check out our Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card review or see how it compares to other no fee cashback cards

Tangerine is currently offering a bonus 10% cashback on up to $1000 in eligible purchases made in the first 2 months if you sign up by October 31, 2023.

Tangerine World Mastercard

The No-Fee Tangerine World Mastercard offers the same earning rates as the Tangerine Money-Back Credit card, but it also has a few more perks and benefits including airport lounge access provided by DragonPass, Mobile Device Insurance, Rental Car Collision/Loss Damage Insurance and more. 

While the Tangerine World Mastercard is also free, you do need an annual income of $60,000 (or household income of $100,000) to apply. You can read more about it in our Tangerine World Mastercard review.

The Tangerine World Mastercard is currently offering the same bonus 10% cashback on eligible purchases up to $1000 made in the first 2 months if you sign up by  October 31, 2023. 

Tangerine Borrowing

In addition to mortgages, Tangerine offers two borrowing options to cover a range of goals.

A home equity line of credit allows clients to use the equity they’ve built up in their home without breaking their mortgage. Tangerine gives clients an interest rate of 6.95% (Tangerine Prime plus 0.5%) and a fixed repayment plan, with no additional fees. 

A regular line of credit allows clients to borrow what they need, when they need it. Tangerine offers a variable interest rate (Tangerine Prime plus “an adjustment factor”) and a flexible repayment schedule that lets clients pay off their credit at their own pace. 

In the past Tangerine has also offered RSP loans, which allow clients to borrow money specifically to contribute to their RSPs. Tangerine suspended RSP loan applications in January 2023 in order to “make some changes,” but as of October 2023, they’re still not available. We’re keeping an eye out for news on this front, and we’ll update this review if/when there’s a change.

How to Apply for a Tangerine Loan

Eligibility: In order to apply for any kind of loan from Tangerine, you must be the age of majority in your province of residence, a permanent resident of Canada, and free of bankruptcy for the past 7 years. 

Provide Personal Information: Your first step is to complete an application form, either online or over the phone. Tangerine will request your date of birth, SIN, contact information, address, and occupation. 

Wait for approval: According to Tangerine’s website, you will receive a response to your application within 1-2 business days. 

In the case of a mortgage, you will be assigned a Mortgage Account Manager who will facilitate the process from start to finish. 

Tangerine Fees

One of the aspects that make Tangerine stand out from other banks is the fees. Or rather, the lack thereof. Tangerine’s no-fee chequing and savings accounts (both of which have great interest rates) make this online bank a stand-out on the Canadian market.

That being said, Tangerine isn’t completely fee-free. Some transactions do have a cost. However, when compared to the fees charged by traditional Canadian banking institutions, Tangerine’s fees are much lower.

Tangerine Customer Service

Tangerine has a reputation for going above and beyond with their customer service. In fact, Tangerine has consistently received the highest ranking in the J.D. Power 2022 Canada Retail Banking Satisfaction Study for the past 11 years straight.

It’s also really easy to get in touch with the Tangerine customer service team. You can open an online chat, call a 24/7 customer service line, and even reach out online via social media. Depending on where you live, you may even be able to visit one of the Tangerine Cafes to speak to an associate in person. 

How Does Tangerine Compare To EQ Bank?

So how does Tangerine stack up against our top-recommended bank? We’ve laid it out for easy reference:

  • Chequing and savings accounts
  • U.S. Dollar savings
  • Credit cards
  • GICs
  • Mortgages
  • RRSP
  • TFSA
  • RSP
  • Business savings accounts
  • Hybrid Chequing/Savings accounts
  • Reloadable EQ Bank card
  • GICs
  • RRSP
  • TFSA
  • Elite currency exchange
ATM/Interac transactions? Yes, for free at POS and from Scotiabank ATMs. Yes, with the reloadable EQ Bank card. Free withdrawals from any ATM in Canada, plus 0.5% cashback on every purchase.
Account transaction fees $0
Savings Account Interest Rate 0.7% base rate although promos currently exist with a short term 5 -teaser rate of 5.75% 2.5% + 1.5% with direct deposit for a total of 4%
GIC 1-Year Interest Rate 4.50% 5.05%
Sign Up Visit Tangerine Visit EQ Bank

While EQ Bank offers better interest rates and no NSF fees, and their new EQ Bank Card makes purchasing easy, Tangerine is currently the better choice for no-fee credit cards.  That said, using EQ Bank in tandem with an elite Canadian credit card is still the best way to get bang for your bucks.

Tangerine Bank Review – FAQ

Tangerine Bank Review: Our Take

Tangerine is the best low-fee, all-in-one option when it comes to Canada’s online banks – but it’s not really the best in any one category (although their free money-back credit card comes close).  

They have TFSA and RRSP investment options (and years ago, they were market leaders in this category) – BUT they’re not nearly as good as what Wealthsimple or Qtrade bring to the table.

They have mortgage and loan options similar to traditional banks – but not the best in the field.

And while Tangerine was a market leader in daily interest rates when the company was first established, their rates dropped to rock bottom over the years and haven’t fully recovered yet. Tangerine’s chequing account interest for balances under $100,000 currently ranges from 0.5% to 1.0%. That’s not bad compared to some of the big banks, but there’s just no comparison to the high interest savings rates that EQ is offering.

If you prefer to conduct most of your financial interactions face-to-face, then I recommend pairing your corner-bank’s chequing account with EQ’s high interest savings account, which offers up to 250% more interest than big banks do.

But if big banks aren’t your style (and we don’t blame you), you could also consider opening an account at both EQ and Tangerine – then use Tangerine for your day-to-day banking + credit card needs, while using free transfers to send your savings over to your EQ account to take advantage of their much higher interest rates.

*Interest is calculated daily on the total closing balance and paid monthly. Rates are per annum and subject to change without notice.
† Equitable Bank is a member of CDIC. EQ Bank is a trade name of Equitable Bank.”


Kornel Szrejber is the host of the Build Wealth Canada Show, and has been featured for paying off his mortgage in only 6 years while still in his 20s, and becoming one of Canada’s youngest retirees at the age of 32. He now runs a top personal finance and investing podcast created specifically for Canadians, as well as Canada’s largest personal finance and investing conference. There he interviews the top personal finance experts to share their best practices, tips and tactics when it comes to investing and financial planning in Canada.
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Juan Carlos Del Real
2 months ago


Stay away from TANGERINE ,they toke my money away from my deposit, on one of their ABM machines, it gave a receipt saying deposit error, then on the screen showed money has been held. I call the number 1888 826 4374 , over an hour over the phone with untrained attendant , asking me same questions over and over finally she said resolution will be in 3 weeks…!!!!!!!!

Christos Yannacopoulos
7 months ago

I’ve been with Tangerine Banking even before it was Tangerine when it was called ING Direct. I feel like Tangerine went down hill after the take over by the Bank of Nova Scotia. Maybe that was their plan to destroy this banks good friendly, customer service and make banking on a whole more of a monopoly. Right around 2019 when the Covid scare hit the world, Tangerine closed all its branches in Vancouver. Banking with them hit an all time low. I remember calling them Toronto time and waiting 1.5 hours to speak with customer service. During that time I had lost my card and my card had been hacked by one of those touch machines when someone came up behind me(I was unaware) and I had my wallet in my back pocket. Lesson learned…now my cards are all in a metal lined wallet. The problem was when I called them on the phone it took them over 3 months to investigate and reimburse me my money and I had to cancel my card. I had to cancel my old card and it took over a week to receive my new card, there was no express mail. I received the new card they sent me after a week and it was damaged, so I was not able to be activate the card. The second time they sent me a new card it was damaged again. Each time I waited over 5-7 business days to get the new card. Imagine the frustration. Like I said there are no branches I could visit to have this done faster. The wait times on the phone was completely ridiculous. They told me they couldn’t send my card to me express. When I asked them where to activate my card they sent me to closed locations, or they wouldn’t give that’s branches hours, so I would get there and their baking machine door was locked of their machine was down. I have never dealt with such a badly run banking institution in my life. The last straw for me was when I asked to speak to a manager and complain. I was told told they would call me the next day, but no phone call…this happened twice and I felt ignored, so I pulled my money out and never looked back. 

9 months ago

My 15 yr old got a job but Tangerine said they wouldnt open an account until she is 16. I had a bank account when I was 12. Not sure whats up with them. Even a joint off us parents would have been fine. Going elsewhere.

10 months ago

Just waited 30mins to buy a Business GIC by telephone. It can’t be done online. However, I can buy GIC with same return (6%) on the personal side easily online w/o the wait. I guess Tangerine assumes business people have more time on their hands, lol

Ron Bonotto
1 year ago

Tangerine recently informed me that they wont mail requested cheque books or lost bank cards to Canadian Non-Residents who reside in Europe, essentially rendering chequing accounts useless. Retirees beware.

1 year ago

Hate this bank! Lost time and my nerves with them. Do not suggest!

Michael Rosa
3 years ago

I’ve opened a chequing account with Tangerine, and it’s been a complete nightmare. I’ve now been back and forth to a Scotiabank 4 times in order to withdraw funds from my now over $2000 balanced chequing account only to be told there’s an error. Tried to speak with the Scotabank teller at the counter, and told me “listen, we aren’t affiliated with Tangerine at all apart from them making a deal with us to use our atm machines. You’re one of so many people that come here for assistance, and I’m sorry but there’s little to nothing that we can do…” Yhen she added i should just open an account with them instead… Tangerine customer service is terrible, the last woman I spoke to after a long wait assured me that my card was now activated and I shouldn’t have any problems at the machine now. Well guess what, I wasted 10$ in gas to go withdraw funds only to get another message saying I cannot have access to my money. Now I’m in the queue waiting to speak yet again to a representative, and it’s saying that wait times to even speak with someone is 45 minutes… So far the money it’s costed me to deal with these clowns isn’t worth the 15$ I save per month. Totally ridiculous!

Jack Feder
3 years ago

Warning! Tangerine has a major short-coming. Tangerine alerts will alert you of almost anything, but they DON”T WARN YOU OF BOUNCED CHEUQUES! If you deposit a cheque and it bounces or has a stop payment on it, you DO NOT GET A TANGERINE ALERT! so, you may be relying on funds to pay your mortgage or car payment etc… and the only time you wil know is when you review your transactions or you realize that you now owe all of the accumulated interest or penalty payments on your mortgage etc.. or your payroll doesn’t go through. I mean, I expect a damn phone call if there is a bounced cheque.. NO, there is NO WARNING AT ALL.
This has been true for the last 6 months at least. This is a pathetic fail. I complained about this when it happened 6 months ago. It just happened again, but they did not fix anything. And they gave a lame excuse saying they did not know the cause of the payment reversal as a reason for not giving me an alert. I tried to explain how important such a notification is, but they seem to be dumb, or just don’t care. This failure could be a major cost. Maybe discount banking is not worth it. at least not with Tangerine.

Rod Follwell
3 years ago

Do not die with a tangerine account.

I am a lawyer with nearly 50 years of experience in estate work. The client died this year with a Tangerine account. This dealing with Tangerine was the first for me.

Normally it takes one letter to acquire the information necessary to apply for “probate” and one letter after that to obtain the funds from the account.

Dealing with Tangerine was extraordinarily difficult and therefore needlessly expensive. It was also very time-consuming and therefore expensive.

I made a comment to the Estate Trustee asking her to remind me never to have an account with tangerine. She agreed wholeheartedly.

4 years ago

Have used Tangerine for the day to day and EQ for savings for years! Love seeing that extra bit of cash being deposited in my account every month from my cash back credit card :)