With tax season ramping up, the online tax preparers are out in full force!  Last week, I reviewed the popular UFile, this week, it’s QuickTax Platinum, the download version (link).   QuickTax offered to giveaway 5 copies of QuickTax Platinum download version to Million Dollar Journey readers (value: $69.99 each).

What’s the difference between the download and online versions?  Basically, the download version sits on your PC and allows up to 8 returns per copy ($8.75 per return for Platinum).  Upon completing the forms, the software will NETFILE your return.

Why would someone choose the Platinum version over the Standard version?  The Platinum version offers everything Standard offers plus:

  • Enhanced guidance & tax-saving tips for investments
  • Tools to help you find deductions for your rental properties
  • Sales-tracking & reporting tools for capital gains & losses

How to Enter the Giveaway:

  1. Sign up for the Million Dollar Journey Newsletter by clicking here (+1 entry)
  2. Tell me when you typically file your taxes via the comments by clicking here (+1 entry)

The Rules

Lets go over some of the rules.  All contestant entries will be shoved into an electronic hat and drawn at random.  Since there are 5 prizes available, the odds of winning are relatively high.

  1. Only confirmed (new and existing) newsletter subscribers on the date of draw are eligible.
  2. Only 1 comment entry / person (please enter a valid email address).
  3. To be fair to all contestants, each winner can only win once.
  4. Only those who need to file a Canadian return can file with QuickTax Canada.
  5. Entries will end Sat 5pm EST Feb 27, 2010 and the winners announced shortly after!

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I would like to try QuickTax

I file my taxes just as soon as I have all the documentation I need to complete them. I net file my taxes and mail in a cheque posted dated to April 31.

Hopefully one day I will start seeing refunds again. :)

I usually use QuickTax and NetFile my tax return. It’s fairly cheap & it’s easy!

I usually use StudioTax to file my taxes and I usually do it as soon as I have all of my paperwork together. Generally this is in the first half of March somewhere.

I usually file the moment my T4s arrive, any later than that and I may forget!

Typically file paper copies, but plan on trying quick tax this year.

I don’t get to file mine until mid-april. I usually have to wait for paperwork on a limited partnership or two, and those don’t usually get sent out until the end of march. I use a T1213 to get my RRSP contributions back during the year, so I’m not missing much of my refund anyway.

I’m in! I’D like to give QuickTax a try.

This year will be different. For years I’ve filed using Quick Tax. However, this year, I have been told I need to file in the USA as that’s where I lived and worked at the end of ’09. I’m not sure if Quick Tax can do this, so I’ll need to pay a CPA.
Even so, count me in the draw.

I file my return once I got all the T forms ready. I get refund every year. I have one recurrent trouble. CRA re-assess my return these couple years trying to add back income from the IN TRUST accounts that I hold on behalf of my kids. Any advice to prevent this happen again? Thanks.

I usually try and file as soon as I get all my documents in. I’ve been known to procrastinate, though.

QuickTax or paper

I file typically at the last minute. This year, I am awaiting a big fat return so I really should file earlier!

I usually file by paper as soon as as I receive all my paperwork.

I usually prepare my taxes with tax prep software (I’ve used the free StudioTax package the last two years) as soon as I get the required documentation.

If I’m getting a refund, I’ll file right away. If I owe, I’ll wait until April.

As I receive all the tax document until early April, so I will fill in tax return around middle April.

Mid-April usually for me, maybe earlier this year.

I have been using ufile, and usually do it around Aug…… but not this year… I am hoping to do it sooner

March, when all papers are in and weather’s still depressing…

I usually do our taxes in mid-March, since we usually have received all of our paperwork by then, and I know if I leave it to the last minute I’ll stress out too much.

Another great way to save $$$–thanks for setting up this give-away! I typically file my taxes (on paper) as soon as my T4 is received, but want to try using software and NetFile this year. Hope I win!

Once we have received all of our paperwork. Usually complete mid-March.

We file them at the end of March. Slips sometimes have been slow getting to us.

Love Quicktax, use it every year :) Usually file in March once all documents are in.

I use Studio Tax to file my taxes and I am usually done well before deadline.

I usually do my taxes with ufile as soon as I get all the slips.

I usually have an accountant do my tax returns. But I want to do it myself starting this year.

QuickTax would be great!

My accountant also usually does my taxes, I find there is less risk of getting audited by having a professional do them but that could be false. Always on-time, always a Tax Return!

As soon as I have all the documentation I need I file my taxes immediately, normally first week of March. I used UFile before and want to try QuickTax this time. Hope I win! Thanks for this opportunity!!

Do them with Taxman (free), and file by mail.

I usually fill out the paper forms sometime around mid-March when I receive the last of the paperwork … and then telefile in late April when I remember that I forgot to actually send it in!

Last year I file my taxes using Ufile after I finish all my exams. I have all my slips ready and more free time after I am done my exams.

I usually file as late as possible using Ufile and send it in online.

I used StudioTax last year and would try QT this year! I usually do them mid-March.

Usually file in the middle of March with paper copies. This time will explore with quick tax.

I do my taxes after I receive all my t4 and t5s, which is usually march

never used QuickTax.. I don’t mind giving it try if it’s free…

I usually do my taxes in late March after all the paperwork comes in.

I do my taxes in march…and i find that Ufile is a real simple way to do so.

I just picked up QuickTax Standard and realize I need Platinum, would love to win a copy!

I file my taxes as soon as I have all of my forms, usually early March.

I usually prepare my taxes in March if I’m getting money back, or late April if I owe money with no interest penalties.

I file my taxes on the first week of march.

Depends on whether I owe or have a refund coming… if I have a refund coming, I file as soon as I have all of the information in my hands. I am still waiting for a couple of pieces of paper before I can file my taxes for 2009. If I owe money, I wait until the middle of April before I file — I’d rather have the money in my hands for an extra couple of months than let CRA have it early.

I also try to do my taxes in March when all T4/T5s are received.

As a soon to be accountant, doing my taxes has always been something I wanted to do as soon as possible (especially as a student expecting big refunds), so like many others, I do my taxes as soon as I have received me and my spouse’s T4, T5, and T2202.

I’ve tried a few different programs, like CanTax, QuickTax, and last year I tried Ufile, which was pretty good.

I am a last minute wonder.

I try to file at least a couple of weeks before the deadline. Having it ready beforehand allows you to solve any problems that may come up.

I try to file a few weeks before the deadline.

We are early filers.