Investing in Canadian Retail Stocks 2024

investing retail stocks

It is no secret that the Canadian stock market is not very well diversified by sector. Canada is largely financial, energy and materials, with all of that other stuff in between. By investing in Canadian retail stocks, investors can add some much-needed diversification. Canadian retail stocks can also help investors profit during times of economic…

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Investing In Canadian Wide Moat Stocks

wide moat stocks tsx comparison graph

I am a cautious investor given that I am in the semi-retirement stage. While I would acknowledge that growth is important for a retiree or near-retiree, I want most of our equity positions to be in the quality or high-quality camp so that I can sleep easy at night. That’s  why a portfolio that invests…

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Best Canadian Railway Dividend Stocks in 2024

Railyway Dividend Investing

The two best Canadian railway stocks are part of an exclusive club in Canada. According to Morningstar Canada, in 2023 there were only five Canadian wide moat stocks. The list is short: RBC, TD, Enbridge, and then our two Canadian railway dividend all-stars: Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) and Canadian National Railway (CNR). The Morningstar wide…

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Canada’s Best Energy Dividend Stocks 2024

canadian energy dividends

Investing in Canada’s best energy stocks have been a key part of my investing strategy for some time now. A lot of people don’t remember this, but it wasn’t so long ago (August 2020) that a lot of folks were asking if Canada’s energy dividends were in trouble?  Of course, that was before energy prices…

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Wealthsimple Tax Review (Formerly SimpleTax)

Wealthsimple Logo

What is Wealthsimple Tax? If you enjoy doing taxes, you are likely an accountant, or you are one of a very select group who enjoys anything to do with numbers. Most of us would put completing our tax returns on the same level as going to the dentist.  What may be worse than doing your…

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Best Canadian Telco Dividend Stocks 2024

Best Telco Stocks

Dividend earning stocks are appealing for a number of reasons. They can help you earn passive income, are generally more stable in a volatile market, and are a great hedge against inflation. If you are thinking about investing in Canadian telco dividend stocks, now might be the right time. Canadian Telecom companies have historically been…

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Investing in Canadian REITs in 2024

investing in canadian reits

Investing in Canadian REITs can help investors include real estate investments in their portfolios without radically changing their way of life. Sure, you can buy a property and become a landlord, but if that’s not your bag (or if you don’t have that kind of time, energy, and, let’s face it, cash), you can invest…

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Investing In Collectibles as An Alternative Asset Class

investing in cards

While Bitcoin and Gamestop have grabbed all of the investing headlines in 2021, investing in various collectibles such as hockey cards, stamps, art, coins, and even Pokemon cards has also been quite profitable. Even large institutional investors have been getting in on the action. With so much “cheap money” floating around, and banks being so willing to…

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