Investing in Canadian REITs

investing in canadian reits

Investing in Canadian REITs can help investors include real estate investments in their portfolios without radically changing their way of life. Sure, you can buy a property and become a landlord, but if that’s not your bag (or if you don’t have that kind of time, energy, and, let’s face it, cash), you can invest…

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How to Buy Stocks in Canada 2022

buy stocks canada

Stock trading is a fantastic way to grow long term wealth, and luckily for us, it has never been more accessible or cost effective.  There are now a variety of ways you can get into the stock market with as little as a few dollars by using one of Canada’s best online brokers. With all…

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Canadian Railway Dividends: Putting Your Portfolio On the Right Track

Railyway Dividend Investing

The Canadian railways are part of an exclusive club in Canada. According to Morningstar Canada there are only five Canadian-wide “moat” stocks.  The list is short: RBC, TD, Enbridge, and then our two Canadian railway dividend all-stars: Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) and Canadian National Railway (CNR). When a company is described as having a “moat,”…

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Investing in Canadian Retail Stocks

investing retail stocks

It is not secret that the Canadian stock market is not very well diversified by sector. Canada is largely financial, energy and materials, with all of that other stuff in between. By investing in Canadian retail stocks the Canadian investors can add some much-needed diversification. The Canadian retail stocks can also help investors profit during…

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