Canada’s Best Energy Dividend Stocks

canadian energy dividends

In August of 2020 we asked if Canada’s energy dividends were in trouble? Of course that was before energy prices and energy stocks were dominating the headlines. At the time Canadian oil prices were about $30 a barrel and energy dividends were under a lot of pressure due to collapsed earnings.  Today, that price has…

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Investing in Canadian Bank Stocks

Investing In Canadian Bank Stocks

Investing in Canadian bank stocks, as well as Canadian insurance companies, has always served Canadians well. Canadian banks in particular enjoy a very solid oligopoly (the incredibly high barriers to entries prevent any new market entries) and hence face very little competition. Much like the banks, just a few insurance providers dominate the space. Considering…

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How to Buy Stocks Online in Canada

qtrade platform stock buying

Buying stocks online in Canada has never been quick, easier, or cheaper. Thanks to low interest rates and increasing competition between Canada’s online brokers, Canadians now have access to a myriad of ways to access the world’s stock markets. Our top brokerage picks all include very low fees & commissions, are easy to use, and…

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Investing in Canadian Retail Stocks

investing retail stocks

It is not secret that the Canadian stock market is not very well diversified by sector. Canada is largely financial, energy and materials, with all of that other stuff in between. By investing in Canadian retail stocks the Canadian investors can add some much-needed diversification. The Canadian retail stocks can also help investors profit during…

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Investing in Canadian REITs

investing in real estate funds reits

Investing in Canadian REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) isn’t for everyone, but by the same token, there are many investors who swear by real estate.  I’ve met many who will only invest in real estate, as they want to own real assets that they can see and touch and manage. They don’t trust those crazy…

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Investing In Canadian Telco Dividend Stocks (Bell, Rogers, Telus, Cogeco, Shaw)

Best Telco Stocks

Investing in Canada telecommunications stocks (telco stocks) has historically been seen as “orphans and widows stock”. They were super steady and boring, but it offered a very generous dividend. It was akin to a bond substitute (with much better returns!). Editor’s Note: If you want to read our thoughts on the recent GameStop and Blackberry…

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