MORE Cash Back with MBNA Smart Cash Card

I was surfing RFD today, and one of the threads caught my interest because it involved getting even more value out of the MBNA Smart Cash card.  I know that a lot of MDJ readers are MBNA Smart Cash credit card users because it is among the top credit cards in Canada.

I use the Smart Cash card as my primary credit card because it is free, and they offer 3% cash back on gas/groceries where most of our spending occurs and 1% on everything else.

While they offer some of the best value, they have upped the ante again by offering even more cash back!  When you shop at their specified retailers online with your Smart Cash card they will offer additional cash back on top of their the regular 1%.  I was skeptical at first, but the list of retailers are quite impressive.  Some of the key retailers I noticed were:

  • Apple Online Store 1%
  • Avis Rent a Car 3%
  • Bed Bath Store 3%
  • Budget Rent a Car 4%
  • Dell Canada 1%
  • 2%
  • Groupon 3%
  • Home 2%
  • 4%
  • Hotwire 3%
  • Indigo Chapters 3%
  • Kobo Canada 9%
  • Lenovo Canada 2%
  • Netflix Canada $7.20 Cash Back per new membership
  • Old Navy Canada 2%
  • Priceline 3%
  • Sears Canada 2%
  • Sony Canada 3%
  • 4%
  • Thrifty Car Rental 2%
  • TurboTax 9%
  • Walmart Canada 1%

You can see a complete list of retailers here.

For example, say you purchased a winter jacket at for $300.  With the Smart Cash card, you would normally get $3 (1%) cash back.  With the new rewards, you will get $12 (4% total) back instead!

How does it work?

Simply login to your MBNA account, click on the “rewards” tab, then “exclusive offers”.  From there, you’ll be taken to the eMall where you can choose your retailer.

Make sure to click through on the retailer link prior to shopping because it’s the only way MBNA can track the rebate.  The alternative is to go to the Smart Cash Mall directly, and sign in from there (requires a bit more login info).

More Info

Here’s a comparison of the best cash back credit cards in Canada with no annual fees and a detailed review of the Smart Cash Credit card.

Disclaimer:  We are NOT affiliated with the Smart Cash Mall

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Gopal Walia
9 years ago

@tp 1943 & FT : well the CSR mentioned that this 2% CB card is not available on their website and hence you cannot apply online. So I assume its something they probably offer as retention if one calls to cancel. I do remember confirming that the points can be redeemed as CB on statement or travel. Maybe worth Calling them to find out if they give you the same offer.

9 years ago

@gopal & . My wife thinks this combo idea is quite unique after she reviewed my post and your suggestions. How would either of you suggest a person could obtain this MBNA SC 2% card?

9 years ago

Terrific information. We have been using MBNA SC for quite awhile and like the receiving the reward cheques. I just compiled our spending on the card for the period Jan/12 — Sept 7/12 and we spent $5271 and earned 10894 points.
On the same spending dollars with a 2% SM card the reward would have been 10542 points. As the 2% card is “special” issue the regular SC card will be satisfactory for us.
In regard to this new Scotia Air Miles card I can only say it does not interest me inasmuch as Air Miles rewards have become IMO, useless. I have been a Gold Collector for 10plus years and redemption on useful items ie: Shell Certificates, Metro certificates for example are gone now. You must convert to the new Cash rewards. The main problem I find is Shell gas and Metro groceries are more expensive so there really is “no” reward. Travel rewards are difficult to redeem and again you have to want to travel. With MBNA SC the “cheques” are in the bank regularly. IMO.

Sustainable PF
9 years ago

Wow – I missed that thread entirely. Thanks for pointing it out FT. We use both the SmartCash and the Capital One World Aspire. Not sure the C1 is worth it in year two however.

Michael Kohn
9 years ago

It’s nice to read that exist a great cash-back cards like this!
Unfortunately I’m in Europe and I didn’t find a similar cash-back card until now :(

9 years ago

FT, if you were browsing RFD, then you probably saw the thread on Scotiabank’s new Amex cards too. Since you can get 4% return on a wider selection of purchase categories than SmartCash, it might be better value for some people even after paying the annual fee. But of course it’s Amex, which has crappy acceptance rates. If you want, I can write up a review for you!