Deal of the Week! Air Canada Unlimited Flights!

If you didn't know already, I am ALL about the deals and bargains. There is a deal that I noticed on that I won't have time to take advantage of but still a great deal none the less.

Air Canada is offering unlimited flights from Jan 7 to March 6, 2007 for a low set price! The only stipulation is that you have to purchase the pass before Jan 3, 2007 and you can only fly in the days indicated in the chosen plan.

For example, the 2 day pass, you can only fly on Tuesday and Saturday. With the 3 day pass, you can fly on Tuesday, Saturday or Sunday. As you can see from the chart below, the 3 day pass is substantially more expensive due to the extra choice that you get. Regardless, what makes this deal espcially interesting is that the prices INCLUDE all security fees!

East 2 day: $279 * 2 months * gst = $591.48

East 3 day: $409 * 2 months * gst = $867.08

West 2 day: $229 * 2 months * gst = $485.48

West 3 day: $339 * 2 months * gst = $718.68

Cross Canada 2 day: $329 * 2 months * gst = $697.48

Cross Canada 3 day: $489 * 2 months * gst = $1036.68

North America 2 day: $379 * 2 months * gst = $803.48

North America 3 day: $569 * 2 months * gst = $1206.28

This is how it works:

With the 2 day pass, you get to fly within the zone that you choose as many times as you like providing that it's on a Tuesday or Saturday. With a 2 day pass, you get 2k aeroplan points / month.

The 3 day pass is pretty much the exact same thing as the 2 day pass except you can fly on Sundays along with Tuesdays and Saturdays. You also get 3k aeroplan points / month. In addition to this, they're offering a purchase incentive for the 3 day pass:

As an added incentive, customers who purchase Welcome Aboard Pass – 3 Day Option will receive a complimentary 2 credit Welcome Aboard Promo Pass, valid for travel any day of the week, between April 10th and May 10th, 2007 for the same zone purchased.

So there you have it, a great deal from Air Canada. For about $1200 (everything included), you can fly anywhere that Air Canada flies in North America as many times as you desire from Jan 7 to March 6, 2007. Not bad if you ask me.

Update:  As this deal has expired, find out how you can get 1.33% CASH BACK from WestJet




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Q Cash
14 years ago

That was the deal I made with my wife. She insisted that we could forego the monster house as long as we could have two nice vacations a year.

Before kids came along, they included cruises and all-inclusives (we are big fans of Cuba).

After kids, we try to get away in the winter to an all inclusive and in the fall to Florida (we have friends who have a time share who are happy to rent it to us).

My ongoing budget has had to include an increase in the “vacation” fund when our youngest is older than two. At that point we have to pay for him. His birthday is in Feb, so we are trying to plan a trip in late January to squeeze him in under the radar.

Next year, we will have to pay 80% of the cost for him to join us. As I said to my 3 year old daughter last year “I better drink your share of the free booze :-)”


Q Cash
14 years ago

We plan on two good vacations (all inclusive or Florida/Disney) a year. One in January/Feb and one near the end of Oct.

The rest of the year, all our family and friends are within an hour’s drive so we are not planning on flying too far.

We will probably do some road trips with the kids in the summer. My wife wants to see the East coast and I want to visit Quebec City again.

Might try to fit that in this summer.


Q Cash
14 years ago

Oh great.

Just after I have retired from travelling.