Winners of 397 Ways to Save Money

As promised, I am giving away 2 copies of the book 397 ways to save money written by Kerry Taylor of SquawkFox.  Out of the many entries, the winners below were randomly chosen, congrats!

  1. Terri
  2. Susan

Top 6 Articles in May 2009

  1. How Much Do You Need To Save for Early Retirement – After much talk about how much people save as a percentage of income, I created a simple spreadsheet that shows the power of saving more of your income.
  2. Finding Your Passion – Finding meaning and fulfillment in life is a challenge that I have taken as of late, but how do you find your passion?  Kathryn has some tips, check it out!
  3. Case Study: 60 Years Old, Lots of Cash, No Portfolio (part 2) – Here are parts 1 and 2 of a case study I did of a senior who has a ton of cash (about $1 million) from selling his properties, but no portfolio.  He’s looking to retire, but how can his cash support his lifestyle?  The articles give my opinion on how to meet his expenses via a fairly simple portfolio.
  4. Consumer Tip: Scanning Code of Practice – Did you know that in most big box retail stores that if they scan the price of your item incorrectly, you are entitled to receive the item for free (up to $10).  I’ve gotten a lot of free groceries in my day because of this practice.
  5. State of Canadian Family Finances (2008) – This article summarizes where Canadian families stand financially.  Some of the stats are pretty surprising.
  6. Old Age Security and the OAS Clawback – When you reach 65, you are entitled to receive an amount of old age security depending on how many years you have spent in Canada.  However, did you know that the government will start “clawing back” OAS if you make over $66k?  Check out the details within the article.

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Ms Save Money
12 years ago

I like these round ups – gives me a chance to read of of the articles I missed out on. Like that consumer tip article.


Blogging Banks
12 years ago


Those are some nice articles to enjoy this weekend. I enjoyed reading “How Much Do You Need To Save for Early Retirement”

Canadian Capitalist
12 years ago

Thanks FT! I’m surprised I’m still the top referrer. Had several glitches on the blog in May.

Four Pillars
12 years ago

Thanks for the link – have a good weekend.