Book Winners

Seems that there was quite a bit of interest in the book “Super Trader” as there were numerous entries.  Out of all the entries, 3 were randomly chosen as winners of a free copy.  Here are the winners:

  1. Linda
  2. Jeff W.
  3. Desmond C.

Top 5 Posts of October 2009

  1. How Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) Works – With the big hype about the tax efficiency of dividend income, the AMT makes sure that the government gets their share.
  2. Prepaid Credit Card Comparison – After receiving a generous prepaid credit card as a gift, I wrote a review discussing the merits and pitfalls.
  3. Tips for buying and selling on Kijiji – Staff writer Kathryn discusses some tips when doing business on Kijiji.
  4. Why Don’t Financial Planners Plan Finances –  This article lists various reasons why financial planners don’t create basic financial plans for their clients.  What do you think?
  5. Creating a Frugal Halloween – Even though Halloween has just passed, here are some great tips for Halloween in future years.

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  1. Canadian Capitalist
  2. Canadian Money Forum
  3. The Globe and Mail
  4. Four Pillars
  5. Frugal Dad

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congrats to the winners! well that was a good week of articles.

How would I know if I was the “Linda” winner? Would you have emailed me? Thanks.

Thanks for the links – I’m glad to send some traffic back your way.

Congrats to the three winners =D and also job well done to those who continue to contribute to this awesome financial blog =D

Till then,