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Best of Million Dollar Journey: Nov 2007

Time for another monthly tribute to the Million Dollar Journey top articles.  I'm a little late posting the best of November 2007, but here they are none the less.

Here are the top 5 most commented articles of MDJ for November 2007:

1. Carnival of Personal Finance #126 (59 comments)

  • This was the first time that MDJ hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance.  Check out all the great articles submitted.

2. What is your Tipping Policy? (43 comments)

  • Another controversial post discussing my money tipping rules.  Check out the comments to see how varied the opinions are.

3. Confessions of a Car Salesman (25 comments)

  • Definitely a popular article as it reached various social bookmarking sites.  Get some new buying tips from a former car salesman.

4. – Lending to Third World Entrepreneurs (20 comments)

  • Kiva is an interesting charitable organization that Oprah (and a lot of bloggers) endorse.  I'm skeptical as the middle man or field partners take such a high interest rate.

5. Wealth Strategy:  Buying 2nd Mortgages II (19 comments) 

  • Instead of getting in more debt, how about buying a mortgage as an income investment? 

    Stay tuned, I will have some Stock Trading links posted later today.

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