Most Popular MDJ Posts for May 2008

1. The High Cost of the Manulife One Mortgage

  • The advertising for the Manulife One mortgage is deceiving, especially the online calculator. If you are contemplating whether or not to get the M1 mortgage, then read over the article and you’ll see why it can be the more expensive choice. The biggest upside of the M1 is that there is a lot of flexibility for those with variable incomes, but again, there is a high premium to be paid for this benefit.

2. The RESP Strategy

  • This explains how I plan to fund the little ones university education in about 18 years time. It’s a little bit of a different strategy for me as it is completely passive and uses 100% low cost index funds. The funds transition from mostly equities to bonds then to cash as it draws closer to withdrawal.

3. Personal Finance Across Borders – 401k vs RRSP

  • You’ve all heard of the 401k or IRA in passing over the years, but what are they exactly? How do they compare to Canada’s RRSP system?

4. How Return of Capital Works

  • There have been numerous comments on the Smith Manoeuvre threads about how investments that distribute return of capital are not recommended with leveraged investing. The article will explain how return of capital works, why it can decrease your tax deduction on your investment loan, and how to get around it.

5. Saving Strategy: Ask for a Discount

  • I use this strategy whenever there is a big ticket item at stake. There is always a better price!

Top 5 Sites that sent the most referral traffic to MDJ in May 2008

  1. Canadian Capitalist
  2. Report on Business
  3. AOL Blogs
  4. The Simple Dollar
  5. Red Flag Deals

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