Best of Million Dollar Journey: June 2008

Here’s a summary of the top MDJ articles by a combination of comments and traffic for June 2008. In addition, i’d like to give thanks to sites that sent traffic to us along with giving a shout out to our sponsors.

Most Popular MDJ Posts for June 2008

  1. Hybrid vs. Gasoline Vehicle Comparison – Are Hybrids Worth it? – This article was quite popular as it generated quite a bit of controversy with the die hard hybrid fans. The numbers don’t lie however, hybrids are simply economically more expensive.
  2. Apple iPhone 3G Coming to Canada – Canada is well known to lagg behind our southern neighbors in the latest and greatest technologies. As a pleasant surprise though, Rogers has teamed up with Apple to bring the latest iPhone 3G to Canada for a reasonable price. It’s too bad that Rogers is going to gouge the customer with their monthly plans.
  3. Cats in the Cradle, Money, and Family – This is non technical money article that I wrote that drew a little more attention that I thought it would. What is money worth if you can’t spend time with those who matter most?
  4. How to Open a TD e-Series (e-Funds) RESP Account – This was my experience in opening the ever popular TD e-Series RESP index mutual fund account for the little one. Read how I got conned into opening a chequing account with TD.
  5. Top 10 Ways to Save Money in University/CollegeAs I get quite a few emails from students in University/College, it got me thinking about how I saved money throughout school.

Top 5 Sites that sent the most referral traffic to MDJ in June 2008:

  1. Canadian Capitalist
  2. The Simple Dollar
  3. Quest for Four Pillars
  4. Wall Street Fighter
  5. Moolanomy

Top Commentators

Thanks to all the readers and comment contributors. In particular, Cannon_Fodder, DAvid, Nobleea, Dividend Growth Investor, Telly, GatesVP, MikeG, MunEconomics, and guinness416. I apologize if i’m missing anyone, I will try to include you in the next monthly update.

Also special thanks to our banner sponsors:

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Dividend Growth Investor
13 years ago

I am a top commenter? :-)
I will be in your top referers next month :-)

Gates VP
13 years ago

I’m a top commenter? Must’ve snuck them in at the end of the month :)

13 years ago

Congratulations to the top commentators:) Hope i could get in the list next time.

Canadian Capitalist
13 years ago

Thanks for the link. I think it is a great idea to acknowledge the referrers. I’ll do that as well. Cheers.

Four Pillars
13 years ago

I just noticed – congrats on passing the 3000 reader mark!

Four Pillars
13 years ago

3rd highest referrer? Wow – thanks for the link.