Best of Million Dollar Journey: July 2009

Top 5 Articles for July 2009

  1. Tax Deductible Mortgage Plan – Worth it? – This article is an analysis of the increasingly popular TDMP.  This program basically automates the Smith Manoeuvre, but not without its faults.
  2. Radically Frugal – Are you frugal?  If so, in what ways are you radically frugal?  Kathryn goes through some ways she saves money that may seem radical for some.
  3. Case Study:  Young and Cash Rich – These case studies seem to be popular!  In this edition we discuss a young man who has a ton of cash but doesn’t know what to do with it.  What’s my answer?  Pay off bad debt first!
  4. Buying a Car – The Research – I’m the type to do extensive research before making any large purchases (my wife calls it OCD).  In this case, our 8 year old car is on its way out and this is how we are going about our car research.
  5. Tax Strategy: Dividend Sprinkling – For those of you with a small business and considering setting up a corporation, there is a way to setup your share structure with your family to reduce total taxes payable.  Interested?  Check out the article!

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used tires
12 years ago

Out of the best Articles for 2009, my favorite was the #3 along with the #4 Article, if I had to choose though ultimately I would have to go with the case study being my favorite =D due to the fact that I am a finance major right now.

Anyways, congrats to all those who have contributed to the million dollar journey blog =D

Till then,


Ms Save Money
12 years ago

Thanks for the link :) Really appreciate it.

Canadian Capitalist
12 years ago

Glad to send visitors your way! Have a great weekend!

Four Pillars
12 years ago

Glad I can refer a few readers now and then. This reminds me that I need to list my top referrers as well.