Best of Million Dollar Journey: Jan 2008

Before I get into the top articles of MDJ for January, I would like to announce the winner of the "Retire Rich from Real Estate" book giveaway.

All entries were entered into a spreadsheet and a random number was generated.

The winner is…  Aaron!

Congrats Aaron and thanks to all who participated.

Looking for a second shot at winning this book?  Head over to the Thicken My Wallet blog, he has a book giveaway post up today.

Here are the Top 5 most viewed MDJ articles of January 2008:

  1. Building a Home Gym
  2. Questrade USD RRSP and Referral Promotion
  3. Shopping for a Newborn – The List
  4. Leveraged Dividend Investing for Cash Flow
  5. Prepaid Wireless Plan Comparison

Special thanks to the commentators and contributors of MDJ.  The sense of community really keeps me motivated to blog. 

Top 3 Commentators for January 2008:

  1. cebolao
  2. FourPillars
  3. Ed Rempel 

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FT is the founder and editor of Million Dollar Journey (est. 2006). Through various financial strategies outlined on this site, he grew his net worth from $200,000 in 2006 to $1,000,000 by 2014. You can read more about him here.
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13 years ago

Although ads can be annoying, I generally don’t notice them anymore. I guess I’m just too interested in the content.

You can always use the ad-block add-on for Firefox if you want to get rid of them. I have it turned on, but I unblock sites that I want to support because the author clearly deserves some compensation for all their hard work (don’t worry FT, ads are coming through loud and clear when I check your site, just keep up the great writing :D)

13 years ago

While I understand the need to get income from the site, the ads from the StockAnalyst101 are pretty, um, annoying… It’s always a tough thing trying to balance the revenue with the annoy-the-readers factor…

Frank Conradie
13 years ago

Oils, now would actually be a great time to start the SM, as interest rates are low and probably going lower, and lots of solid dividend growth stocks (my preferred investment) are on sale.

I started our SM about 6 months ago, and so far it has been pretty easy to implement, and we’re making good progress on converting our “bad” debt into “good” debt.

I bought quite a lot of our shares on August 16 last year, when there was a mini collapse, and am now looking to buy more as stocks I’m watching drop below my buy levels.

13 years ago

I would really like to read about your experiences with the Smith Maneuver. I am also considering implementing the Smith Maneuver when my mortgage comes up in Jan 09. Its a brave thing to do right now (and therefore probably the most profitable to to do it) with all of this R-word talk that is floating around out there.

BTW – I just discovered your site a few weeks ago and I am a big fan.


13 years ago

Thanks for the mention. A mulligan is a Canadian invention after all…

Four Pillars
13 years ago

Thanks for the link! (and for providing me with an interesting place to comment)