Best of Million Dollar Journey: August 2009

Top 5 Articles for August 2009

  1. Currency Exchange – Getting the Best Deal – This was a popular article that was featured in “The Globe”.  With CAD/USD exchange rates relatively low, some of us may be considering buying some USD to hold or spend.  The article explains various methods to lower the cost of currency exchange.
  2. The Trouble with Rewards Points – Are there ethical concerns regarding using rewards points?  Kathryn goes through some scenarios where she uses her points  to squeeze the maximum value out of them.
  3. ING Direct Review and $25 Referral (Orange Key) – I recently opened an ING direct account to take advantage of the $25 freebie when depositing $100.  Check out the article on how to get your $25.
  4. Flipping Houses for Profit – Real estate investing has been an interest of mine ever since graduating from University at which time I bought my first house.  One strategy of real estate investing that has peaked my interest as of late is flipping fixer uppers for profit.  This article goes through some of my thoughts on the strategy.
  5. Guaranteed Income Supplement and the GIS Clawback – A reader emailed me regarding the consequences of withdrawing from his RRSP with regards to his GIS benefits.  Here I explain what GIS is, and how any income takes it away in a hurry.

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Ms Save Money
12 years ago

I really like the currency exchange post. Since I like to travel it comes in handy to see everyone’s thoughts on currency exchanges.

used tires
12 years ago

I love these best of the month posts, not only does it highlight the best posts of the month, but just everything in general, which is great! Congrats to the top contributors to the blog =D Maybe One Day I will get there too! =D

Till then,


Canadian Capitalist
12 years ago

Thanks for the link! Have a great Labour Day weekend!