At the beginning of 2009, a group of bloggers thought it would be a good idea to have a stock picking competition and have quarterly updates.

Here were my picks at the beginning of the year

My 4 Stock Picks

  1. Hanfeng Evergreen (HF.TO) – This company creates high yielding fertilizer for the Chinese market.  I’ve been watching this stock for a couple years now and it seems to be oversold relative to their (profitable) earnings.  This stock has the possibility of making a comeback providing that the Chinese market makes a partial recovery.  If the markets don’t cooperate in 2009, then this stock could go down even further.  Price as of closing Dec 31, 2008: $5.63
  2. Johnson and Johnson (JNJ) – Now that I have my exciting stock out of the way, time to go to the boring large cap stuff.  Johnson and Johnson manufactures ’staple’ items like Tylenol, Johnson baby products, band aid, Listerine and other popular skin care products.  Even in a recession, I believe that people will continue to buy these products.  JNJ also offers a sustainable dividend at an attractive yield.  Price as of closing Dec 31, 2008: $59.83
  3. Husky Energy (HSE.TO) – This is my pick for some energy sector exposure.  Even though the potential global recession throughout 2009 could keep oil prices depressed, I like Husky Energy’s oil properties and their profitability.  Their dividend doesn’t hurt either. Price as of closing Dec 31, 2008: $30.87
  4. Power Financial (PWF.TO) – This holding company has large positions in IGM Financial, Great West Life, Canada Life and London Life.  It offers a generous sustainable dividend and I believe that this stock has been irrationally oversold.  Hopefully PWF will recover in 2009. Price as of closing Dec 31, 2008: $23.90

Here were the results during the last update:

1 IntelligentSpeculator 4.33%
2 TheFinancialBlogger -0.94%
3 FourPillars -2.67%
4 Million Dollar Journey
5 DividendGrowth -8.27%
6 WildInvestor -8.90%
7 Wheredoesallmymoneygo -21.77%
8 ZachStocks -24.19%
9 MyTradersJournal -27.54%

Here is the most recent update:

  1. Four Pillars 48.83%
  2. Intelligent Speculator 43.32%
  3. The Wild Investor 41.45%
  4. Where does all my money go 28.72%
  5. The Financial Blogger 13.29%
  6. Million Dollar Journey 4.76%
  7. Dividend Growth Investor 0.70%
  8. Zach Stocks -3.09%
  9. My Traders Journal -11.36%
  10. S & P 500 +3.16%

My picks are slightly beating the S&P500, but lagging most of my fellow colleagues.   For those of you who had your own picks in the original article, how did you do?

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Thanks for the link – good luck in the second half of the year.

I like your picks – I’ve looked at them all in the past too, even wrote about Hanfeng Evergreen… I think they’ll all do well over the long haul.
There’s a lot of good choices in the Canadian market; hard to narrow them down to just four. TransCanada and TransAlta are pretty good; I also really like Shoppers; and Rogers; and I’ve been meaning to get some Husky too, but haven’t yet.

Has Hanfeng even made any profits yet?

Thanks for the link. Accounting for dividends, I am still outperforming the S&P 500 year to date. Whoo-hoo ;-)

Wow… Four Pillars, you’re kicking ass and taking names. Congrats to all for the sharing as I always learn something here.


It would be great if you could post what all of the picks were by each participant and a one line summary why each participant chose one of the stocks – best performer, worst performer, whatever it is. It could prove interesting to see what went into each thought process.

I’m still impressed that you’re ahead of the S&P 500, Nice work!

I think it would be nice if maybe you can give more insight to on the share history of the stocks maybe from week to week or month to month or a graph showing the trend.

It would be interesting to see if any of the players above put any real money behind their picks. Otherwise this seems like an exercise in futility..

When is the next update, is this a regular post?

JNJ is my pics its doing quit moderate at this moment.. but expecting it to grow..

A classic example of being thought is self learning. You learn a lot in everyblog you stumble upon, there is countless new things you could learn and also teach. I have been working with blogs and as well as reading them. Some of them are really bad and some are good like this one.. thanks.

I have been fantastic nature of old stock i never one.. thanks.