Exclusive Dividend Newsletter Promotion, Tim Hortons Rewards, and the Risks of Joint Bank Accounts!

Dividend Stocks Rock Exclusive MDJ Promotion (sponsored)

I mentioned this exclusive promo in a recent MDJ newsletter blast but I’ll share it here for readers not subscribed to the newsletter.

I get a number of questions about which dividend stocks to buy and which sources I use for research. While I tend to read a lot online from various sources (blogs, forums etc), I get a lot of ideas from dividend newsletter subscriptions.

Longtime colleague Mike from Dividend Investor operates a dividend growth investing newsletter called Dividend Stocks Rock (Canada and the US), and Mike really aims to add value and genuinely wants to help you build a solid dividend portfolio.

Last year, I helped spread the word about the Dividend Stocks Rock newsletter and Mike has confirmed that a large group of MDJ readers are now members. Mike’s service has been around since 2013 and his portfolios have performed even during the 2018 market correction!

The membership includes a comprehensive collection of tools to manage your portfolio:

  • Live access to 15 portfolios including booklets and quarterly analysis including and new Retirement portfolios (4.5%+ yield);
  • Exclusive Stock Ranking with upside potential and Dividend Safety Score;
  • Trade alerts sent by email;
  • 375 + Stock reports (covering both Canadian and US stocks);
  • Reports on demand – ask DSR to review your pick;
  • Your Weekly DSR premium newsletter; and
  • The Dividend Toolkit eBook with DCF and DDM calculation excel spreadsheets.

I managed to convince Mike to offer an exclusive discount to MDJ readers but you only get until this Friday, April 19, 2019 (I had to ask for an extension).

The regular price is $177 for a one-year membership but the exclusive MDJ reader price is $97. The beauty is that with this promo you lock in this annual price forever with no worry of annual fee increases.  

Top it off, you can try the DSR newsletter with no-risk.  If you sign up and feel that the newsletter is not for you, you can cancel and get a full refund anytime within 60 days of signing up.  Essentially, you can sign up before the deadline to lock in the promotion price, and try it for 60 days to see if it’s a right fit.   

Check out all the details here.

As mentioned the membership above includes sample portfolios for you to follow.  But what if you already have a portfolio and would like a second opinion?  Mike is now offering a PRO membership that includes all the features of the regular membership AND will perform a quarterly analysis (and scoring) of your OWN portfolio.   The same no-risk offer applies to the PRO membership and you keep the promo pricing forever. 

Check out the PRO membership, sample report, and MDJ discount here

Monday Money Links

Are you a Tim Horton’s fan?  I like to indulge myself every now and again with a take-out coffee and/or a donut, but unfortunately, the Tim Horton’s brand has been fading to the likes of McDonald’s, Starbucks, and other coffee houses that just do it better.  I’m happy to see that Tim Horton’s is making an effort to keep up with a new loyalty program.  Essentially, with every 7 purchases, you get a free item (coffee/tea/donut).  Want the details?  Credit Card Genius digs in and gives us all the goodies.

Are you a personal finance enthusiast who’s all about saving and reaching financial independence (FI) and hoping to convince your significant other to join the journey?  Chrissy from Eat Sleep Breathe FI writes about how she convinced her husband to jump onboard the FI train and provides some tips on how you can do the same.

Mark from My Own Advisor is a prolific blogger and one to follow, especially if you are a dividend investor.  On the topic of dividends, he recently interviewed yours truly to provide an update on my dividend journey which you can read here.  Since you may already know all about my journey, here is an update on how Mark is doing with his own dividend income journey.

Have you ever thought about hiring people to do things that you simply don’t like to do?  Things like maintaining the lawn, clearing snow, or cleaning the house? Boomer and Echo digs into this concept a little further in his article that analyzes if outsourcing is the key to happiness.

When MDJ started, I religiously posted monthly net worth updates until I reached my $1M net worth goal.  Net worth updates are still popular in the blog world, and Gen Y Money has posted a big update that shows that she’s up to $312,500 in investments!  All while living in expensive Vancouver and raising a child.  She is someone to follow!

Dividend Hawk posted a detailed dividend income update that shows all of his holdings and all of the income produced (he’s up to $1500/month).  He has mostly US holdings, but if you are a dividend investor, this post is something to check out.

Are you married or in a serious relationship and wondering if you should open a joint bank account?  Canadian Budget Binder has an informative post that goes over the risks and benefits that come with a joint bank account.

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FT is the founder and editor of Million Dollar Journey (est. 2006). Through various financial strategies outlined on this site, he grew his net worth from $200,000 in 2006 to $1,000,000 by 2014. You can read more about him here.
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2 years ago

Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Your website is one I visit every so often. Unfortunately I missed the deal to sign up for the dividend rock. Just wondering if the deal would be offered again in the future? Thanks. Keep up the good work.

2 years ago

Thanks for the mention FT! Have a great Monday :)

2 years ago

You know we have posted our net worth update since 2012 on CBB as well our budget update. Although they are popular behind the scenes with views I find that not many people want to interact with the update. I’m not sure why that is but for the posts to be so popular but not much to say about them makes me wonder why? What gave you the best success when you posted your net worth updates with your readers?
Thanks for the share by the way, I appreciate it.