My Dollar Plan announces “I Quit!” Madison is yet another blogger who has taken her online business full time. Congrats!

The Digerati Life teaches us how to Reduce Your Grocery Bill With These Practical Tips.

Lazy Man and Money writes about Extreme Foreclosure! A family who went through a home transformation a la Extreme Makeover Home Edition is facing foreclosure due to using a HELOC for a business that went sour.

Generation X Finance asks his readers With Bank Failures on the Rise, Have You Changed Banks?

The Sun’s Financial Diary updates us with this July 2008 Score Card — Part I: Net Worth.

Brip Blap‘s wife writes about what she would do if she had less than three weeks to live. She got thinking about this topic after watching the movie “Last Holiday”.

Money Smart Life gives us six ways you can earn extra money this weekend.

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  1. Think Money Debt Blog on August 4, 2008 at 7:37 am

    Some very useful links. I especially rate the Grocery Tips on The Digerati Life. I will be using that one again!

    There has to be something in all those tips that will allow anyone to save some money – regardless of how little!

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