It’s time again for my monthly net worth update – The April 2007 edition.

I’ve been asked by a reader on why I include my cash accounts in my net worth. The cash amount is the bare minimum that we keep in our accounts, even after paying all our bills at the end of the month. We keep these balances to reduce our bank fees to my favorite amount… free.


Cash: $4,500 (+0.00%)

Savings: $31,900 (+14.1%)

Registered Investment: $44,400 (+6.61%)

Pension: $16,900 (+1.8%)

Non-Registered Investment Account: $46,708 (+1.76%)

Real Estate: $ 264,500 (2 properties) (+0.00%)

Vehicles: $17,525 (2 vehicles) (+0.00%)

Total Assets: $426,433 (+1.86%)


Mortgage Debt(from 2 properties): $175,000 (-0.28%)

Other Liabilities: $8,000 (-0.00%)

Total Liabilities: $183,000 (-0.28%)

Total Net Worth: ~$243,433 (+3.53%)

Started 2007 with Net Worth: $224,000

Year to Date Gain/Loss: +8.67%

As you might have noticed, I’m trying something new with this net worth statement where I’m indicating the percentage gain/loss. The percentage indicated is the gain/loss comparing this month to last month.

The big jump in savings is due to the fact that we’re socking away as much cash as possible due to the planned move in the very near future.

As indicated above, we’re 4 months into the year, and I’m up 8.67%. Perhaps a 20% net worth gain in 2007 would be a healthy goal to aim for.

Do you financially savvy people set net worth goals?

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