MoneyTalk LIVE with TD Waterhouse II

Continuing on with my adventure with MoneyTalk Live with TD Waterhouse, lets now talk about the highlights from the economics and portfolio experts of TD Waterhouse.  As noted from part I, after eating and drinking a few beer, we were ushered into the conference room.

As I sat down, I noticed a folder with a pen and notepad within it for notes.  So, as any good financial blogger would do, I took notes so that I could report back to my readers.  Here are some of the relevant notes that I took. 

Highlights from Derek Burleton's (Associate VP TD Economics) Interview:

  • Predicts a mild recession in the U.S.
  • Pointed out the correlation between the USD and the price of oil.
  • Also that the current price is oil is speculation as there is real shortage of oil and no political unrest.  Supply meets demand.
  • Predicts that the USD has bottomed and will start to strengthen, thus bringing down the price of oil to the mid-low 90's (providing no political unrest).
  • Estimates that Canada has more rate cuts in store, he predicts that the Bank of Canada will cut 0.75% more this year/early next year.
  • With the USD strengthening, predicts that the CAD will be around $0.95 at year end.
  • Hypothesizes that global growth will slow down to 3.5% from 5% last year.  

Highlights from Bob Gorman's (Chief Portfolio Stategist TD Waterhouse) Interview:

  • US markets will end in the positive for the 6th year in a row.
  • Canadian markets will end in the positive for the 6th year in a row.
  • He likes high quality U.S financials like Bank of America and Wells Fargo particularly their high dividend yield.
  • Mr. Gorman thinks that there will be a return of the growth stock.  Right now, Blue Chips are all the rage, but he believes that growth stocks will be back in style later this year.
  • Growth sector he likes the most is technology (Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft).
  • In terms of rail plays, he likes CNR.
  • Canadian financials, he likes the insurers the best (Manulife Financial, Power Financial, Sun Life, Great West Life).
  • Thinks gold is overbought.
  • Energy, his favorite is Encana (they hold a large position).  Others include Imperial Oil, Talisman, Suncor, and Precision Drilling. 

After the talk, they even offered dessert/tea/coffee!  This wasn't just simple cookies and coffee, they had a variety of cakes/pies, fruit, a giant chocolate fondue fountain, and my favorite..  rice crispy squares.  

If you get the opportunity to attend one of these shows, I would highly recommend it.  TD really knows how to treat/spoil their clients at these events.

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Cash Canuck
12 years ago

I love how you are most descriptive about the food.

If the advice was half as good as the buffet, you’re in good shape!

Cash Instinct
12 years ago

On the long run (last +- 100 years), gold’s price did not keep up with inflation if I remember well statistics I saw.

I would not invest a lot in gold!

ETF Income
12 years ago

I don’t think oil is over bought. There are oil, but oil are harder to find and it is more expensive to find. The increase cost will transfer to a higher price.

12 years ago

Did they say how they think gold is overbought? Are they referring to MACD or just waving their hands in the air …

I’d love for people who say oil & gold are too high could show me fundamentals. China/India are consuming more of both, including a rapid domestic consumption from oil producers – the US is not the dominant indicator of consumption or trends any longer.

12 years ago

A good overview of the pastries and yummy treats! This is a very good indicator for TD! :)

12 years ago

Lots of “experts” have been predicting the strengthening of the USD through this year and into next. I hope they’re right. :)

Glad to hear you enjoyed the shindig FT. Seems to me bankers and engineers seem to be very different in a lot of ways. Hope you wore your fanciest suit. ;)