It’s time again for a monthly net worth update – The March 2007 edition. Not many changes this month, just a slight increase in net worth due to savings.

The market drop during the end of February reduced my portfolio by about 3%, but it has since regained most of it’s losses.


Cash: $4,500

Savings: $27,960

Registered Investment Accounts: $41,645

Pension: $16,600

Non-Registered Investment Account: $45,900

Real Estate: $ 264,500 (2 properties)

Vehicles: $17,525 (2 vehicles)

Total Assets: ~$418,630


Mortgage Debt (from 2 properties): $175,500

Other Liabilities: $8,000

Total Liabilities: $183,800

Total Net Worth: ~$235,130

Last month, I reported a net worth of $231,500, so this months $235,130 represents an increase of 1.57% month over month and 4.97% year to date.

That’s all for now folks, happy investing and have a great weekend!

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Wow I think you’re looking very good at just 27~28!

Quick question…

Do you own your two Real Estate properties free & clear? Under your liabilities you list only a mortgage of $175,500 and other liabilities of $8,000… for a total of $183,500. It is excellent that you have $264,000 in real estate assets, but don’t you have mortgages on those properties? The mortgages on those properties are liabilities and should go against your net worth. Regardless, I have to give you credit for your accomplishments.

Just curious…

It would be interesting to see a spreadsheet or graph of the changes in your balance sheet over time.
I’m also curious as to how you’re holding your savings — High interest savings account, money market funds, or other instrumnets?


Wow, nice…

Have you ever tried using Intuit’s Quicken XG 2007 to track your Net Worth?


Hello FT.

For your next purchase, will you use one of you properties as a collateral or you will rely entirely on cash?

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Congrats Frugal! Your success can be motivating, keep the drive coming our way!