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RBC InvestEase is a robo-advisory service that is very competitive in the Canadian market place.  Not too long ago, I mentioned that they launched an educational initiative by building a database of articles that they continue to build upon. Here are some to check out:

For a complete list, check out RBC InvestEase articles on Investing Topics and Trends

Weekly Money Links

Mark from My Own Advisor is a dividend investor that has a similar investment philosophy as MDJ.  Buy quality companies that have a history of dividend growth and hold onto them forever.  Mark is inching closer and closer to his goal, read about some of his holdings in his November dividend income update.

On the same topic of dividend investing, Passive Canadian Income often provides updates on his dividend stock buys/sells.

Robb from Boomer and Echo has written an amazing article called 2010-2019 Decade in Review.  He goes through his major financial milestones over the years.  Must read!

Gen Y Money has written a thought-provoking article on why women should have their own money (and not depend on a man).  Stories like the one at the beginning of the article always get me riled up!

Cut the Crap Investing does a little investigating into the recent news trend that balanced portfolios are dying.  For what it’s worth, I tend to have a balanced portfolio where my risk tolerance is a little lower (like my kid’s education fund).  However, I have very little in the form of bonds in our financial freedom/retirement portfolios.  I may consider them to help reduce volatility as I get closer to retirement.

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