August 2007 Net Worth Update (+0.11%)

It’s time again for my monthly net worth update – The August 2007 edition.

This summer isn’t going as smoothly as planned.  First I’ve had a ton of unexpected expenses followed by a market correction which started in late July.  The market correction has affected my August 2007 net worth statement a little more than I would like, but I consider it as more of a small bump in the big picture.

On the positive side, we managed to keep the streak alive with another positive (break even) monthly net worth update.  This was mostly due to a big jump in savings due to a bonus that we received at work.

Ramblings aside, here are the numbers:

Assets: $441,712 (+0.06%)

  • Cash: $4,500 (+0.00%)
  • Savings: $37,000 (+15.26%)
  • Registered Investment: $48,400 (-5.84%)
  • Pension: $19,900 (+2.05%)
  • Non-Registered Investment Account: $45,412 (-4.3%)
  • Real Estate: $ 264,500 (2 properties) (+0.00%)
  • New Home Deposit: $5000 (+0%)
  • Vehicles: $17,000 (2 vehicles) (-0.00%)

Liabilities: $182,300 (-0.01%)

  • Mortgage Debt(from 2 properties): $173,700 (-0.19%)
  • Insurance: $600 (+100%)
  • Other Liabilities: $8,000 (-0.00%)

Total Net Worth: ~$ 259,412 (+0.11%)

Started 2007 with Net Worth: $224,000

Year to Date Gain/Loss: +15.81%

Barely squeaked out a positive net worth statement.  Until next month..

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11 years ago


Just wanted to send along a note of encouragement – keep plunking away at your net worth and you’ll get to where you want to be going.

Also, at least you haven’t gone backwards – I read something recently that on average U.S. households lost something like 30 percent of their wealth in the past 5 years. So, you’re probably doing better than most of those in the U.S.



16 years ago

As long as you’re not going downhill, you’re good! ;)

Great numbers, keep up the good work.

Canadian Dream
16 years ago


Thanks. I’m still behind you, but I’m working on it. *grin*


Canadian Dream
16 years ago


Your still in the positive, so that is all that counts.

I was amazed that I’m actually ahead in my last net worth update. I was expecting a nearly flat increase like yours.


16 years ago

Congrats on keeping things even this month. I have 2 questions that I couldn’t find answers to looking through some of your older updates:

1) What does the $8000 liability represent? Is this savings for annual expenses that come up?

2) How do you value your real estate? I’ve seen many theories on this, especially important in these fluctuating times.

16 years ago

You may have only squeaked out a positive update but those numbers are still very impressive. Keep up the good work!