Free Stock Trading in Canada

free stock trading

In recent years, millions of people around the world have taken stock trading into their own hands thanks to the rise of online trading. Free stock trading in Canada has made it possible for many new investors to not only enter the market, but to also manage their own portfolios with relative ease.  Trading apps…

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Qtrade Review 2022 – Canada’s Best Broker

qtrade new logo

What Is Qtrade Direct Investing? Is it Legit? Qtrade Direct Investing is part of Aviso Wealth, a national financial services company owned by the Credit Union Centrals, CUMIS and Desjardins. Aviso manages close to $90 billion in assets, and has major operations in Vancouver and Toronto, with regional offices across Canada. By again grabbing the…

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VEQT ETF 2022 Review

vanguard interview logo

Since our Best All in One ETFs and Best ETFs in Canada articles are two of our most popular, we decided to take a deeper look at the ETF that we most often recommend, by doing an in-depth VEQT ETF Review. VanguarD VEQT ETF  The Vanguard All Equity ETF Portfolio is one of the best…

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Best Canadian Online Brokers 2022

best brokers canada

The 2022 Best Canadian Online Brokerage Rankings are re-analyzed and updated monthly by our editorial team in order to guarantee the freshest information on broker fees, promo offers, and platform updates. Finding the best online broker to DIY invest with has been a main focus of MDJ since I started the site back in 2006. I’ve…

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Neo Financial Credit Card Review

neo financial logo

The new Neo Financial Mastercard or “Neo Card” is the next big thing in Canadian credit cards. We’ve seen tech companies disrupt everything from vehicles to space travel and investing. Now the new Neo credit card is coming for the old market standbys. Three massive advantages for the Neo Card immediately stand out to me: 1)…

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Investing in Canadian Bank Stocks 2022

Investing In Canadian Bank Stocks

Investing in Canadian bank stocks for 2022 is quickly becoming a dominant theme across our MDJ virtual writers room – and indeed, many of the evidence-based Canadian dividend writers that we follow.  The results for the 2022 first quarter are in and can be summed up as: Another “boringly profitable” quarter for our favourite Canadian…

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Investing in Canadian Airline Stocks 2022

air canada logo2

Now that travel has opened up again, many MDJ readers have been asking us if now is the time to invest in Canadian Airline stocks. Truthfully, we might be the wrong folks to ask about this one. If you take a look at our best Canadian dividend stocks and/or Canadian Dividend Kings articles, you won’t…

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Best Canadian Chequing Account 2022

chequing account canada

Most of us have memories of our parents or grandparents whipping out their chequebooks at the store or at the kitchen table when it was time to pay bills. While we may not need to spend hours a month writing out cheques and balancing our chequebooks, we still need quick access to cash for daily…

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Best Day Trading Platform In Canada 2022

day trading platform

When it comes to Canadian online brokers or trading platforms for active Canadian day traders it’s important to look at the “elite tier pricing” offers that each brokerage offers as opposed to the normal mainstream pricing. Depending on the trading platform, you are usually considered a day trader if you make more than 150 trades…

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Moka App Review (Formerly Mylo) 202

Moka Logo

What Is The Moka App? Are you looking for an easy way to save money or build an emergency fund? If you have trouble building your savings each month, Moka (formerly Mylo) can help you get started. Moka is a well-designed app that lets you begin budgeting and investing without much effort. The team at…

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What To Do When the Stock Market Crashes

stock market crash

We’re getting a lot of semi-predictable questions via email and article comments that ask some version of: “Is the stock market crashing and what should I do after stocks or bonds crash?” Read a book. Watch a new TV series. Spend time with your family. Just don’t panic. Sure, if you’ve got a really strong…

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Credit Karma Canada Review

credit karma logo

What Is Credit Karma? When a company offers free credit score reporting, people are understandably wary. Is it legit? Is it safe? Why would you trust a random website to tell you your credit score? Our Credit Karma review is here to answer all these questions and more. Credit Karma is a free personal finance…

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Top 6 Indexing Options for Your Portfolio

how to build index portfolio

If you’ve started your research on investing, but still aren’t quite sure how or where to get started, you are not alone. Plenty of almost-investors get stuck at the starting line for reasons like not feeling educated enough, feeling like they don’t have enough money to start investing, or simply feeling unclear on which type…

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Best Finance and Investing Books

best finance books

Whenever readers ask me for finance book recommendations, my mental response is always “how much time do you have?” A list of the best personal finance books of all time would take hours to go through, even if you limit it to financial books written specifically for Canadians. That’s why I’ve put together this list…

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How to Build a Dividend Growth Portfolio

build dividend portfolio

If you’ve been following MDJ for a while, you will come to learn that I’m a fan of two investing strategies, index investing (buying the broad market with low fee ETFs/mutual funds) and income producing dividend growth investing. I like index investing for its ease, low cost, and ability to beat most active mutual fund…

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Best Utility Stocks in Canada 2022

canadian utility stocks

There is a reason why so many of Canada’s best utility stocks are also on our overall list of best dividend stocks in Canada: They are natural oligopolies/monopolies, meaning that can pass along increasing costs almost instantly, and have really solid yields for income-seeking investors. This combination makes them a natural fit for Canadian investors…

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