Best Penny Stocks Canada 2022

canadian penny stocks

When our MDJ editorial team were drafting new ideas to write about in 2022, the idea of Canada’s best penny stocks drew plenty of emailed groans. Afterall, we’re a group that highly prioritizes long term buy-and-hold investing solutions such as all-in-one ETFs, Canadian robo advisors, and Canada’s best dividend stocks. That said, our inbox consistently…

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Should I buy Whole Life Insurance for my Children?

Whole Life Insurance For My Children

A reader, Arlene, recently asked a question in my article “investing on behalf of kids” about obtaining “Whole Life Insurance” for their young children.  A financial planner suggested that obtaining permanent insurance for their children is a good idea to invest in their future. Here is the question: Hello! A financial planner thinks it’s a good idea…

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Best Bank Account for Seniors in Canada

Seniors Bank Account

So, you’ve endured 60 years of ups and downs, booms and busts, triumphs and challenges, now it’s time to kick up your feet, relax, and enjoy your retirement. You want a simple bank account to handle your day-to-day banking, but there are so many choices out there. Which should you choose? Which is the best…

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The Best No-Fee Cashback Credit Cards in Canada

Free Cash Back Credit Cards In Canada

If you’re not using the best free cashback credit cards in Canada, then you’re leaving free money on the table!  We launched this no-fee cashback credit card list in 2007 and we update it regularly, so you always know which no-fee cashback cards to consider. You’ll find our best free cashback credit cards in Canada…

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Canadian Bank Accounts for Kids

kids bank accounts canada

Raising kids to be financially literate can be tough but picking the right bank account for them doesn’t have to be. The best bank accounts for kids in Canada give your child a no-fee way to practice money skills. We’re talking absolute basics like: Depositing and withdrawing money Sending or receiving an e-transfer Understanding savings…

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How To Invest In IPO Stocks In Canada

ipo stocks

In today’s episode of Investing Fundamentals with MDJ, we’re looking at IPO stocks – what they are, what upcoming IPOs are coming up, how to buy or sell IPO stocks, and which online brokers you can use to invest in IPOs Then we’ll answer a few of the most frequently asked questions surrounding IPOs. What…

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Webull Canada Review

webull canada logo

Sometimes stock trading apps are so popular that they make waves in Canada before they’re even available to Canadians! That’s the case with American low-cost trading platform Webull. Webull is a DIY online brokerage that’s available in the US, plus a handful of other countries including Japan, China, and Korea. It’s not available in Canada,…

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Simple Low Cost Diversified Index ETF Portfolios 2022

Low Cost Etfs

We’ve been writing about low-cost ETFs in Canadian index portfolios since 2008. Below is our 2022 update. Unless you have been living under a rock (which we would actually understand considering the times we are in), you have definitely heard of diversified indexing. Diversified indexing is a popular investment strategy for a lot of reasons.…

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