Volatility Index – Trade The VIX And VXX

invest in vxx

On today’s episode of Investing Fundamentals with MDJ we’re looking at how and when to invest in VIX and VXX, aka: the Volatility Index. We’ll tackle how to buy and sell VIX and VXX, whether it deserves a spot in your portfolio, and what exactly the VIX and VXX even are! While investing in the VIX…

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The Ultimate Guide to Investing in Canadian Value Stocks

undervalued stocks

Hey everyone – welcome to our How to find Canadian Value Stocks to Invest In episode of fundamentals on your personal Million Dollar Journey.  With our fundamentals series, we intend to give you a breakdown of somewhat complex topics in the hopes that you can make informed decisions about your investment portfolio going forward. Previously,…

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TFSA vs RRSP- Canada’s Registered Account Faceoff

Tfsa Vs Rrsp2

The eternal questions I get every year, especially around tax season, are: “Should I max out / invest in my RRSP or TFSA?”  “RRSP or TFSA, which is the better option?” “RRSP or TFSA or both?” “Which one should I be concentrating on?”  “What is the difference, is one better than the other?” MDJ hears…

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