Justwealth Review 2022

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Justwealth has tried to carve out a niche as the most “Financial” of the fintech platforms that have come to be categorized as “robo advisors”. This automated wealth manager was launched in 2015 and strives to be Canada’s most comprehensive online portfolio management program. With competitive rates, dozens of portfolio options, and personalized portfolio managers…

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Investing in Canadian Retail Stocks

investing retail stocks

It is not secret that the Canadian stock market is not very well diversified by sector. Canada is largely financial, energy and materials, with all of that other stuff in between. By investing in Canadian retail stocks the Canadian investors can add some much-needed diversification. The Canadian retail stocks can also help investors profit during…

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The Best Travel Credit Cards in Canada

Top Travel Free Credit Cards

Million Dollar Journey has been reviewing, comparing, and rating Canada’s best travel credit cards since 2006. With the majority of international travel plans on hold for 2022, it’s a great time to start collecting points for future plans. (Might as well put this time at home to good use!) We’ve taken a look at old…

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