Best Canadian Dollar (CAD) ETFs for U.S Equities

us equity etf

A reader recently emailed me about my thoughts on the best US Dollar USD ETFs vs CAD ETFs when it comes to getting portfolio exposure to the American market. You may already know that I’m a fan of index investing using the best ETFs available.  Whether that’s all-in-one ETFs, Canadian dividend ETFs, or in this…

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ModernAdvisor Review 2022

modernadvisor review logo

ModernAdvisor was founded in 2013 by Navid Boostani (the CEO and a Certified Financial Analyst) and Adrian Brouwers. ModernAdvisor focuses on robo-advising, although they also offer ModernAdvisor Pro, a service for professional financial planners. ModernAdvisor has some unique characteristics that set it apart from the robo-advising crowd. This is particularly true for beginner investors who…

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Nest Wealth Review 2022

nest wealth review logo

Nest Wealth is a digital finance company that was founded in 2014 with the goal of providing “digital wealth solutions for everyone.” In the case of Nest Wealth, “everyone” includes not only individual investors like you or me, but also: Financial institutions Financial advisors and planners Employers who operate group RRSPs and more Nest Wealth’s…

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BMO SmartFolio Review 2022

bmo smartfolio logo

I’m a huge fan of robo advisors, and BMO’s robo advisor: SmartFolio is no exception to that. If you’re not familiar with robo advisors the basic idea is that you will determine your overall risk tolerance, and that BMO will set you up with an automated portfolio using big broad index funds that spread your…

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How to Become a Millionaire in Canada

canadian millionaire money

If you’re reading this website you’re probably interested in a Canadian perspective on how to become a millionaire. Most people like to imagine their lives with more money, but things often get a little cloudier when it comes to the “how”. As I’ve been writing about on this site for a couple decades now, there…

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Amex Cobalt Review

amex cobalt large

The American Express Cobalt card has topped “best of” lists on a range of financial sites. Our Amex Cobalt review shows you why and in fact, we have also named this card the best travel credit card and one of the best overall credit cards in Canada. We give you the numbers, explain what they…

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CIBC Dividend Visa Review

cibc dividend visa

Our CIBC Dividend Visa review digs into the features of this no-fee cash-back card to see what’s good and what’s just OK (there’s nothing truly bad here). We compare the card with its paid counterparts so you can see what you get for the money. We also review how it compares to another similar card,…

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CIBC Aventura Gold Review

cibc aventura gold

If you’re looking for a travel Visa with flexible points redemption and a premium selection of perks and benefits, the CIBC Aventura Gold is an excellent candidate. Our CIBC Aventura Gold Visa review lays out this card’s information in detail and explains what makes it CIBC’s most flexible travel card. It also looks at the…

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Questrade Launches a New Mobile App

questrade mobile app

Responding to the surge of interest in online trading apps that we’ve seen in 2021, the new Questrade mobile trading app – called QuestMobile – is a major step up in terms of usability.  While I’m still a desktop-type of guy, there is no denying the enhanced usability compared to past iterations of what Questrade’s…

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