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Archive for February 2015

The Dogs of the TSX 2015

One dividend strategy that is popular among investors is the Dogs of the Dow. In this strategy, investors buy the highest yielding dividend stocks on the Dow Jones Industrial average. What is the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)? It’s a price-weighted U.S index containing 30 stocks from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the…

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Business Transition Planning, Save Money on Valentine’s Day, Rebalancing with Foreign Currencies, Radiant Heat Experiment and more!

It looks like Capital One has replaced their popular travel card with a watered down version (same points system and fee, but no more $100 annual bonus). For those of you interested, here is an updated list of the top free credit cards available to Canadians. There comes a time for most of us to plan for…

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Easy Index Mutual Fund Portfolios with the Big Banks

Over the years while helping readers, friends, and co-workers with investing, I’ve come to the conclusion that convenience is of the highest priority, even if it means paying higher fees.  Most people simply want to stick with their current banking institution and have no interest in opening a discount brokerage of their own. Having said…

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