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Archive for October 2013

How to Make an Emergency Preparedness Kit

We hear about natural disasters such as hurricanes and cyclones in different parts of the world that made me wonder about my personal emergency preparedness in the face of a snowstorm leaving me home bound for a few days or stranded in the middle of nowhere. Disaster readiness need not be a preparation for every…

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How Much Do You Need to Save for Early Retirement?

After the popularity of the 34 year old Millionaire article, I started to think a little more about early retirement, and how much someone would have to save to achieve financial independence at an early age.  With that, I updated an article that I originally wrote in 2009 about the relationship between after tax savings…

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Top Canadian Preferred Share ETFs

Preferred shares are an odd asset class.  They aren’t quite equities, and they aren’t quite bonds.  They are similar to equities in that they pay a dividend, and Canadian preferred shares are eligible for the dividend tax credit. Preferred shares are also traded on the stock market and while they are not as volatile as…

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5 Ways that Filing for Bankruptcy Impacts your Life

Two previous posts had looked at the alternatives to bankruptcy and the process of filing for bankruptcy in Canada. If an individual is forced to file for bankruptcy due to an irreparable financial situation, it is important to understand the implications that the bankruptcy would have on their future. Here are five ways that filing…

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